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For those who have been around for a few years, you may be familiar with our viral Photoshop Effect video, which has amassed nearly 14 MILLION views since it was published in 2008. The video explores the prevalence and effects of the heavily Photoshopped images that appear in magazines and advertisements, and even shows former video host Sarah Dussault getting a "Photoshop makeover" from a professional photo retoucher.

Haven't seen the shocking video? Click here to view it now: The Photoshop Effect

For years we've been disappointed with the unrealistic images that bombard us from magazine pages, websites, and advertisements. That's why we here at were very excited to learn about a new magazine that has BANNED Photoshop from its practices - leaving its models 100% untouched.

Verily Magazine is doing what others have been perhaps too afraid to do - refusing to artificially enhance ANY photos of its models.

The fashion and lifestyle magazine is aiming to celebrate real women - and their real beauty. And yes, that includes crow's feet, laugh lines, freckles and natural curves.

To learn more about the magazine that is celebrating the real beauty of women, click here to check them out!

@ 10:31am ET on November 12, 2014
Thanks for the information

@ 6:47am ET on December 1, 2015
Oh My gosh, I didn't know about it. its probably not important all the time to add effects and all that stuff. sometimes it happens to create a stunning image by unrealistic reality.

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