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The Skinny on Exercise

by Exercise Write, Fitness Reporter

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8 Weird Ways to WorkoutIt's hard to begin to love working out if you're constantly becoming bored by your fitness routine. To really build fitness/exercise into your lifestyle, you have to have fun and enjoy it enough to want to keep doing it!

Are you falling into a pattern of becoming bored by your workout routines? That means it's a perfect time to introduce yourself to some new ways to move your body. Whether it's a piece of equipment you haven't tried before or an out-of-the-box exercise that you'd like to attempt, adding something new and exciting into your workout routine can be just the thing to keep you motivated!

Here are some of our favorite "weird" ways to workout, that you may not have tried before!

1. At Home Broom Workout: In this installment of your at-home workout series, Arielle Novak shows you how to warm up your abs and core using a broom as a prop!

Broom Workout

2. Weird Gym Equipment: You may have seen the Trap Bar (or Hex Bar) at your gym, but aren't sure how to use it. Here's the how-to!

Weird Gym Equipment - the Hex Bar

3. Punching Bag Cardio Workout: Bored of the treadmill/elliptical? Switch up your cardio routine by incorporating some boxing moves! Working out with a punching bag will quickly get your heart rate up and help you burn a ton of calories.

Punching Bag Cardio Workout

4. Torch Calories with Battle Ropes: You've seen these huge ropes at your gym, but maybe you're not familiar with how you can use them. Here are 3 exercises you can use them for.

Battle Ropes

5. 5 Exercises with a Squishy Ball: Pilates and fitness expert Lisa Johnson shows you five different ways you can workout with a simple squishy ball. These exercises will work your core, butt and thighs!

5 Exercises with a Squishy Ball

6. DIY Home Gym Equipment: Mark shows you how easy it is to make your own versatile workout equipment right at home.

DIY Home Gym Equipment

7. Tone with Bungees!: We show you how adding a small elastic band to some of your lower body moves can make your workout much more challenging.

Tone with Bungees, Lower Body Exercises

8. TRX Row Progression: These row progressions using a TRX suspension machine will challenge your back, core and obliques. Don't be nervous to try this piece of equipment if your gym offers it!

TRX Row Progression

For hundreds more workout ideas to keep your workouts interesting and yourmotivation high, browse through our Diet.com Video library, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, diethealth, to be the first to know when we upload a new workout!

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