Ajay Rochester hosted the Biggest Loser Australia for four years. She is a best selling author of 5 books on health, wellness and healing your life. More noticably it is her own incredible transformation, having lost (and kept off) nearly 200 pounds, that makes her an expert on personal transformation. Read her journey at www.findingmymojo.com.

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Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat ™

by Ajay Rochester, Transformation Expert on Health, Wellness, Weight Loss & Healing Your Life

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Okay so you had that little moment in the fitting room when you took ten things in and none of them fit. The sales assistant was on the other side of the door asking you to come out and show her, and the last place you wanted to be was out in the middle of the store with half a leg squeezed into a pair of pants you'd have slipped into six months ago and a top that makes you look seven months pregnant.

You racked your brain for excuses like, "It's not my color," or, "Hmmm, it's not really me," but you know she has heard it all before and quite frankly so have you.

So you skulked home, ate three brownies and an entire pizza (knowing that was doing nothing for your resolve to finally fit into something other than potato sacks), and as the weekend comes to an end you decide that tomorrow - being Monday - suddenly the diet fairy will visit you in your sleep and give you the strength and commitment you need to see this through to the end.

Now that we have the nonsense out of the way how about we approach it logically and honestly? How about you take a simple 5-step plan, put it into action, see the results of your planning and realize that it is YOU who needs to do the work... and the sooner you do, the sooner you can go back to that store and buy everything in it.

So grab a pen and paper and get honest. It's the first step to making a change.

Answer these questions. It is your five-by-five action plan. I have put some sample responses here so you know the kinds of answers you need to find within yourself. The truth of how you feel will give you the strength and desire to make the change, so don't be afraid of how you feel right now, because you are moving AWAY from this person and becoming the NEW you.

1. List five reasons I want to change
a) I can't fit into any nice clothes
b) I have no energy and don't want to go out anymore
c) I don't want to be like this next year and not have done anything
d) I am so unhappy
e) I don't try to do anything with my life because I hate it.

2. List five reasons I need to change
a) I don't want to die young
b) I don't want to have a stroke or diabetes
c) Life is meant to be lived and I am not living or enjoying my life
d) I am unhappy
e) I deserve a better, healthier, more fulfilling life

3. What five habits/patterns hold me back?
a) I never plan my meals
b) I eat too much chocolate
c) I buy too much take-away food
d) I drink too much alcohol
e) I have a little success then give up

4. What five things do I hate about being like this?
a) I hate that I have so many clothes I can't fit into
b) I hate feeling sluggish in the mornings
c) I hate looking in the mirror and being depressed
d) I hate that I don't bother to look good any more
e) I hate that I am embarrassed when I see people I used to know when I was thinner

5. List five emotions I feel about myself right now
a) I am embarrassed
b) I am sad
c) I am repulsed
d) I am disappointed
e) I am angry

Now do these ones:

1. What five emotions do I want to feel?
a) I want to feel happy.
b) I want to feel sexy
c) I want to be full of energy and confidence
d) I want to love myself and my life
e) I want to wake up and be excited by what my day/week is going to be like

2. What five things I can fix first?
a) Plan my meals
b) Exercise
c) Change my chocolate bars for low fat chocolate snacks and eat more fruit and vegetables
d) Stop buying take-away food
e) Cut down my drinking

3. What five things will I do today that can make a change?
a) Eat a healthy breakfast
b) Eat a piece of fruit right now
c) Drink a glass of water right now (go on... get it right now)
d) Make time to exercise
e) Remind myself what I hate right now and what I want to feel like, if I do these things.

4. What five things will I do this week to make a change?
a) Do a healthy food shop
b) Plan all my exercise sessions
c) Plan most of my meals and take lunches and snacks with me
d) Try on an item of clothing I really want to get back into
e) Make sure I have my water quota every day

5. What five mantras can I say to myself to help me achieve my goals?
a) The only way out is through
b) I deserve to be the very best I can be
c) I am healthy, strong and immune
d) 80 percent of success is just showing up, so go to the gym!!!
e) Progress not perfection!

And finish up with these:

1. What are five goals I can set AND achieve (be realistic)?
a) Lose 5 kilos or go down a dress size.
b) Lose 20 kilos by this time next year
c) Plan at least five out of seven lunch and dinners for this week
d) Exercise at least three times this week
e) Join a sports team or do a fun run

2. What five activities I will enjoy when I get to goal
a) Shopping and buying a slinky red dress
b) Sex (in or out of the sexy red dress)
c) Swimming in a bikini... book a trip to Thailand with the girls
d) Bungee jumping
e) Getting out of bed full of energy and loving myself

3. What will feel the best about getting to goal?
a) Fitting into my clothes
b) Having energy
c) Being happy
d) Being healthy
e) Feeling confident

4. What will be the best five outcomes of getting to goal?
a) Knowing I could do it and actually doing it
b) Rediscovering my entire wardrobe
c) Going into shops and knowing there won't be tears
d) Saying yes to functions and not worrying about whether or not I will look and feel good or have anything to wear
e) Having the confidence to live my life fully

5. List five emotions when I get to goal?
a) Happy
b) Sexy
c) Confident
d) Love
e) Fulfilled

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