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A short of money? No need to have excellent means to live a great trip. Here are some tips for starting cheaper.

1. Cycle tourism
Living on the road, the wind in your hair, without harming the environment or budget, these are the significant assets of cycling. You discover landscapes freely and inexpensively, staying in a campsite or youth hostel. You can also participate in a group excursion: the camaraderie provides a welcome mechanical and logistical support. A self-guided tour allows you to travel alone without worrying about organizational issues. On the Internet, cycling communities will enable you to meet other Little Queen addicts, to discuss technical aspects or to find accommodation options (in the same spirit as Couchsurfing).

2. Home exchange or guarding
Slip into the shoes of a resident and save on accommodation by exchanging your home with someone with the same goals. Living in an individual house will anchor you in the local life of your destination while allowing you to make valuable savings. You will see the country from the inside while your host will replace you in your neighborhood. We can also consider renting your house for the holidays: your expenses are reimbursed, and you may even have a little extra money for your trip.

3. Transport savings
The train is an easy and charming mode of transport, perfect for enjoying the landscape by reducing your carbon footprint and your expenses. The Interail packages are not as popular with youth than before but still a fantastic way to travel kilometers without much sacrifice his wallet, if one wishes to travel throughout Europe. For your travel by plane, you will get the best rates by reserving as long as possible in advance on low-cost airlines or the contrary, at the last minute and with a lot of flexibility on the regular airlines. Finally, practice the car, boat, plane, cargo-stop, use carpool services. By saving on travel, you can spend more on other expenses!

4. Spontaneous hosting
Fun and more authentic, spontaneous accommodation is to ask for accommodation once there to the local population. In the street or a cafe, we approach the region with a big smile, and we simply ask him to spend the night at night. This practice guarantees unforgettable memories and a privileged contact with the local population. Attention, spontaneous accommodation requires a great openness, a sense of sharing and relational and a great tolerance for comfort.

5. Travel on couch: CouchSurfing
Website with millions of members, Couchsurfing allows travelers to get in touch with individuals from around the world who lend them their sofa (and sometimes more). These hosts are connected in a spirit of tolerance and humanistic values. Based on hospitality, the site nevertheless provides specific guarantees: a system of comments evaluates the members. As the site becomes more and more popular over the years, it is not so easy to find a bed with a blank profile. Try to host before you get hosted and make very personalized requests.

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