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By Michale Ben

Oftentimes, we tend to neglect the area between the chest and the armpits when working out the body. One consequence of this is the appearance of a pesky bulge around a bra, tank top or bathing suit. While many people are able to cope with these spilling muscles, there are a lot of people that consider this development embarrassing and unsightly. If you're reading this article, chances are that you are looking for an effective way to eliminate this pesky bulge. Well, you're not alone on this. There are a lot of options out there that can be adopted in eliminating this fatty deposits, however, this article focuses on the natural methods.
Here we go.

Healthy Eating

According to this post, How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast (Without Weight Loss Pills or Lipo), there's no way you can talk about eliminating any form of fat and not talk about the importance of a healthy diet. The truth is that any other effort you may take is likely to be of no effect when your diet is not appropriate. As much as possible, ensure that your diet is always balanced. Consume minimum amount of calorie containing foods - this talks about drinks too. You also want to combine foods that help in keeping you satisfied for a long time, thus regulating your hunger. A massive amount of protein can go a long way to help your weight loss goal.


No matter what type of fat you want to lose, cardio is an important step towards a successful conquer. According to research, a minimum of an hour-a-day cardio goes a long way in keeping the body in shape. Cardio has over the years proven to be effective in calorie burning; much more than that is the part they play in strengthening our muscles. In fact, these cardio generally impart on the body's health like controlling your body's cholesterol level and reducing the risk of a heart disease. The higher the intensity of these workouts, the more the results you will see.

Improving Posture

One way you can avoid the effect or development of back fat is paying attention to your posture. Apart from enhancing your beauty, an individual who strives to improve his or her posture avoids any unsightly bulge on the back. As you work towards improving your posture, you are indirectly working on your back and surrounding muscles. These posture improving exercises also helps you burn calories. As all of these happen, your back is gradually being toned and excess fat melted away. The interesting thing about these exercises is that they are very easy to perform, and don’t necessarily require any form of machine.


Although not very popular, yoga is one amazing way of getting that desired fat free back. Even though it does not directly remove fat, it goes a long way, together with other efforts, to achieve a well-toned physique. These exercises function in straightening your back and giving you a limber look. Since these exercise involves stretching your overall body, they are definitely a plus in any plan to lose weight. There are various poses that are more specific to the back and they include the bow yoga pose, wheel yoga pose, half moon pose among others.


It is one thing to shrink fat cells and other thing to ensure that they remain that way. This is where your lifestyle changes come in. You don’t want to get rid of that back bulge only to have them resurface simply because you were not disciplined enough. Your lifestyle is supposed to show a commitment to your weight loss goal. Do away with habits that don’t agree with your goal - like snacking, eating junk foods, late eating, etc.

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