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Eating a sandwich can provide you with a healthy dose of nutrition, but there are some changes that you can make to your sandwiches to make them even healthier. Many of these changes won’t require you to sacrifice taste for nutrition and can help you get more of the nutrients that your body might be lacking. Here are four ways to make your sandwiches healthier.

Add More Veggies

Even if you’re eating a vegetarian sandwich, adding an assortment of vegetables can give you more variety and enhance nutrition. Tomatoes, olives and cucumber slices can make just about any sandwich taste great with added health benefits. If you want to give your sandwich more spice, jalapeño peppers can do the trick. Bell pepper slices can add further flavor to your sandwiches while increasing your intake of folate and vitamin K1.

Swap Lettuce for Spinach

Baby spinach, in particular, has more A, B, and C vitamins than lettuce. Higher levels of calcium, protein and iron can also be found in spinach. If you have high blood pressure, making the switch to spinach can help reduce your blood pressure thanks to the potassium that it contains. Spinach is also considered to be a high-fiber food, which can prevent constipation and bloating.

Use Whole-Grain Bread

Whole-grain bread is a healthier alternative to white bread and can give your sandwiches a nice hearty flavor. Just about every sandwich shop offers whole-grain bread, and many people choose this option for its rich macronutrient and fiber content. You’ll also be getting around 26 percent of your daily value of manganese and 12 percent of the recommended selenium when you use whole-grain bread. Your digestive system will also be thankful for the increased fiber.

Avoid Cheese and Unhealthy Condiments

Cheese can add unwanted sodium, fat and calories to your sandwich, and you might not even notice its absence much when you eliminate it. If you like mustard, yellow mustard will be a better choice than Dijon. Low-fat mayonnaise tastes just as good as the regular stuff and can help keep you slimmer. Teriyaki sauce, barbeque sauce and Italian dressing are among the worst condiments.
Giving your sandwiches a nutrition boost can yield great results and help you stay on top of your personal wellbeing. By knowing what to put on your sandwiches and what to leave off, you’ll be more in control of the food that goes into your body whenever you need to satisfy your sandwich craving.

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