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Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise schedule is a critical component in living a longer and happier life, but dietary supplements can provide an added boost as well. Whether you’re looking to make up for an imbalance in your dietary routine or simply give an extra charge to your system, there are a number of healthy supplements on the market to meet your needs. These can help with everything from your metabolism to the quality of your skin. Here are four of the best.

Fish Oils

Fish oil is one of the most popular supplements on the market, and there’s multiple reasons for that. Doctors recommend eating one to two portions of fish a week due to the presence of vitamins A and D as well as omega-3 vitamins contained in the fat and oil of fish. Studies indicate that a diet rich with omega-3 vitamins can reduce your risk of everything from heart disease to mental disorders, and it’s believed to be able to assist with weight loss when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

General Multivitamins

While the food pyramid can serve as a great fundamental guideline for the vitamins and nutrients your need in your diet, the demands of life can make it difficult to follow these guidelines precisely. Multivitamins offer a stopgap measure, compensating for any deficiencies in your diet. They’re especially useful for individuals who don’t meet the recommended consumption of fruits and vegetables. According to a 2012 study, they may also reduce the risk of heart disease in men. Doctors recommend that even those who follow a healthy dieting plan should take multivitamins two or three times a week.

Vision Supplements

Many supplements target one specific vitamin or focus their attention on taking a whole body approach, but there are specialized supplements as well. Natural eye care supplements can help with everything from nearsightedness to issues with night vision, and their preventive nature means that they’re a good option regardless of where you are in your life. Common ingredients include natural remedies like fish oil and ginkgo biloba.

Vitamin B12

The demands of our bodies change as we grow older, and sometimes a strong diet alone isn’t enough to compensate for these needs. B12 if found in animal products and especially crucial for older individuals as a deficiency can lead to an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, and bone loss. It can still be useful for younger people, particularly those who prescribe to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

There are plenty of supplements on the market, but simply popping some vitamins isn’t enough. Think about your particular health needs, and come up with a supplement plan that accounts for the weaknesses in your lifestyle. If you start to feel unwanted symptoms from your supplement intake, change your plan immediately.

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