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The Skinny on Exercise

by Exercise Write, Fitness Reporter

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So how does a basement or garage home gym stack up against a state-of-the-art, TV-in-every-corner fitness center?

Home Gym vs. Fitness Center, Diet.com fitness tipsVery well, actually!!

In fact, unless you are a peacock who lives to strut his stuff amongst a crowd, you can gain a lot more from working out in the cozy confines of your very own home or apartment.

The top 4 reasons a home gym beats a fitness center:

1. Save Money!
No more monthly or annual fees! No more crowded parking lots and fuel wasted getting to and from the fitness center. Stay healthy without leaving home " it cuts out the excuse "I have no gas" or "I don't have time to drive to the gym" or "I have nothing nice to wear!" You make one investment for quality fitness equipment and accessories... and there's a good chance it will last you a lifetime.

2. Save Time!
Aren't there better things you can do with the time you lose driving to and from a fitness center? Just think: no more waiting for weights or a machine... no more waiting for yucky showers and dressing with strangers. When you workout at home, all your time is spent on exercise.

3. Open 24/7!
Setting up your own home gym frees you from the hours set by local fitness center officials. Can't make 6am-10pm? No sweat. Workout in the middle of the night! Need an early morning workout but can't wait in line for popular machines or stations? You are the VIP at your home gym " you get first crack at any station or device you desire.

4. Your Rules, Just Right!
It's your home, so have it your way. Like to grunt and make noise when you pump iron? Go ahead. Hate it when others squeal and snort while working out? Silence is golden at home. Extra chalk, no shirt, loud music... It's your home -- the rules are yours to make or break!

Ready to get started? Then check out this list of the 9 Things You Need for a Great Home Gym.

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