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It’s no secret that many Americans have major gaps in their diets. No matter how healthy you eat, you are likely missing some type of vitamin, mineral or nutrient. However, you can easily supplement those missing nutrients with specific foods to reap the benefits and have a more balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle. Below are four of the most common nutrients missing from the average American diet and foods you can eat to supplement your lack of that nutrient.


You likely know that fiber is important to help keep you regular. Fiber also has tons of other great benefits that make it an important nutrient to make it a goal to have an adequate amount of in your diet. It has been known to help lower your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, if you want to shed a few pounds, incorporate beans, veggies and whole grains into your diet to stay up on fiber.


Calcium, which is technically a mineral, is essential for healthy bones, strong teeth, and healthy nails. However, it is also critical for strong muscles, and that includes the heart muscle. Surely you know that dairy is the best source of Calcium, but you can also get it from lean fish like salmon and fluffy dark green vegetables like broccoli. Don’t forget to take your Vitamin D so that your body can absorb Calcium properly.


Most Americans don’t get enough potassium in their diets. Potassium lowers the risk of blood pressure, helps lower the risk of stroke, helps to keep bone mineral density strong, and also helps prevent painful kidney stones that no one wants to struggle with. Your body craves about 100mg of Potassium every day in order to function at prime capacity.

Folic Acid

Leafy green veggies, legumes, and fruits will all help you get your daily dose of folic acid. The FDA also now requires it to be added to any enriched grain products such as pasta or bread.

These four items are just a few of the crucial things that are often missing from the average person’s diet. Overall, most of us have many major gaps in our diet. If you want to eat a more balanced diet or want a loved one to eat better, you can look up the official dietary guidelines for Americans. Consider supplementing each day with crucial nutrients. Using a DEA lookup database can allow you to determine which supplements have been tested and are safe to consume or talk to your doctor about where your blood results are low.

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