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It’s safe to say everyone has come home and had “nothing to eat”. There are staple ingredients you can throw together for a simple dinner. Here are four meals to make when you’ve run out of recipes.

Rice bowls

Rice is such a versatile side dish that can be custom prepared. Because of this, rice bowls are a meal that will take thirty minutes or less for an entire family.

When it comes to rice bowls, there really aren’t any rules. As long as you include rice, adding meat, vegetables, or whatever you want is completely up to you. If you have leftover chicken or beef from another meal, you can even repurpose it into your rice bowls into a delicious yet healthy dish.


It’s pretty rare to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a good pasta. Similar to rice bowls, pasta is great because of its ability to be manipulated so easily. As long as you have noodles and sauce, you’re set. Adding vegetables and protein are a great way to bulk up your pasta and feed your entire family. The best part about pasta is you can even make the entire meal in one pot if you like in a short period of time.

Mini sandwich buffet

On average, up to 50% of American adults eat at least one sandwich per day. Because they don’t really require a recipe and little to no cooking, sandwiches are a quick dinner for the entire family. All you need is to grab a tray and add meat, cheeses, and sliced vegetables with either sliced bread or rolls. Kaiser rolls are a perfect sandwich bread, especially if you add condiments because it won’t absorb them and get overly soggy. You can even heat the sandwiches for extra texture.


Pizzas are one of the easiest foods to make, especially in a hurry. Simply take cheese, sauce, and crust, which can be a bagel or any other bread, and bake. For picky eaters, individual pizzas are great so everyone can get exactly what they want. For a healthier spin, using a portobello mushroom or zucchini boats as a base.

The beauty of these recipes are they all take very little prep, cook time, and contain ingredients that you already have at home. With an adult present, these meals are kid-friendly and great ways to repurpose leftovers.

@ 5:36am ET on January 21, 2020
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