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Diet Overload: 4 Warnings Signs That You are Taking Your Diet Too Far
By Anica Oaks

Dieting to extremes just might be more prevalent than we imagine. How can that happen, when most of us blow our diets time and again? Here are a few signs a person may be engaging in too much of a good thing.

Food Control
Isn't food control the ultimate goal? Not when the situation is reversed, and food controls the dieter . Spending too much time per day calculating calories consumed or avoiding social events featuring foods might be a red flag.

Feeling mentally critical of people eating 'forbidden' foods ruins the fun of the engagement. Lecturing someone about sugar consumption or giving disapproving glances at French fries pretty much puts the icing on a social bomb. Why not dwell on the joy of a social event, and allow yourself an occasional treat?

How Do I look?
Tight, toned, sexy! That's the goal. When "Never Satisfied" becomes the mantra, it's time to take another look. Mental chastisement over every perceived bulge and pound leads to depression and possible anorexia. Suddenly, the body is not viewed realistically, but through a very distorted lens.

Why not think about how much better you feel without the extra pounds? Compare your body with the way it used to look, instead of with the models in Vogue Magazine.

Your Body Has Entered Starvation Mode
Pipe-stem thighs and bony wings for shoulder blades suggest wasting disease, not a healthy weight. After some time, the body begins feeding upon its own tissue to burn calories.
Exhaustion and feeling constantly hungry are the results, as well as the body snatching and storing every calorie consumed to avoid collapse. This state can be very dangerous to your health, so if you are struggling with eating deprivation, consider contacting Center for Change or a similar institution to help you overcome an eating disorder.

Focus on plenty of good-carbohydrate vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes. Lean protein is a must, and healthy fats, such as non-hydrogenated butter, keep the body satisfied. Although a low-carbohydrate plan is often recommended, foods such as whole-grain bread, beans, oatmeal and brown rice are very nutritious.

You'd Rather Watch Soap Operas Than be Physically Intimate
Fats are essential to proper hormone synthesis. Large calorie deficits put the body into a state of stress. Physical stress is associated with loss of sexual interest in women and erectile dysfunction in men.

Good fats are found in salmon, avocados, olives, walnuts and trout.
Obesity is often associated with lack of libido, for the same reason that strenuous dieting is associated. Both of these conditions are the result of poor nutrition.

Proper diet is necessary for good health and weight loss. An eating plan filled with delicious whole foods is the best way to beat the pounds without beating yourself up!

About The Author:
Anica Oaks is a Freelance Writer, outdoor lover and web enthusiast living in San Francisco, CA. Read some of her published work on her Google+ Page

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