Sexy & Slim At Any Age blogger Joyce Vedral is a certified personal trainer (ISSA). Now in her 60s, Joyce is also proof that the fountain of youth exists… if you are willing to exercise and eat right! Her books, videos and DVDs have sold nearly two million copies. She has been on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists four times.

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Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age

by Joyce Vedral, Fitness Professional

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Three Myths About Working Out with Weights and Why the OPPOSITE Is True!
By Joyce Vedral, PhD

The secret is out! The only way to get in shape and at the same time build bone is to work out with weights. What?! Images of male bodies with women's heads pasted on them float through the mind sending a shudder of fear! Thoughts of having to work out for hours a day drain the last drop of motivation to even think about it!

fitness myths, workout mythsWell, set your fears aside! There's wonderful news. Let's look at 3 common myths that set up mental barriers for women who want to get in shape and build bone.

1. I will look like a man if I workout with weights!

Beep. Sound of a buzzer. Not only will you not look like a man, you will look like a sexy woman with feminine muscularity, and in the bargain, you will build bone under every muscle you make. Bodybuilders work out for hours a day â€" sometimes twice a day, and many of them take steroids, the male hormone testosterone to increase their muscularity.

A 15-20 minute workout with gradually increasing moderate weights (you can start as light as 2-pound dumbbells and work your way up) can never get you looking like Arnold! But you will see changes in 3 weeks and a gorgeous body in 3 months. See my Cougar workout at www.joycevedral.com.

2. You can't build bone with weights - only muscle.

In fact, muscle is attached to bone so every time you exercise a muscle, the blood that is pumping through that muscle is also pumping through the bone. An accompanying electrical charge surges through the bones, and in time, bone density increases. In fact, studies show that a significant increase in bone density takes place after 6 to 9 months of weight training, and it keeps getting better after that.

3. If you're overweight, you should wait until you lose the weight or you'll look bigger than you already are!

In fact the opposite is true. Weight training causes your dress size to go down much faster that the scale â€" you can lose a size every 3 weeks! Why? You lose lots of fat which takes up more space than muscle (you replace the fat with muscle). In addition, the mini-muscles you create increase your metabolism 15% in 12 weeks, and that helps you to lose the weight much faster

Joyce L. Vedral, Ph.D. is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of many fitness books and DVDS. She shares her secrets on how get in shape in 20 minutes a day by working out with light weights, in her DVD THE COUGAR WORKOUT , www.joycevedral.com. Joyce, at 66, has the bone density of a 35 year-old! For her latest photo, see the cover of the cougar workout at her website!!

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