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There’s nothing like a sweet treat to end a delicious meal. It’s always nice to have a perfect blend of sweet and savory in each meal. However, too many sweets can leave your health in disarray. If you’d like to maintain a healthy body and cavity-free smile, consider making a few of these sweet treats as a healthier alternative to your normal dessert staples.

Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

Many of your favorite popsicle brands are filled with artificial ingredients, flavoring and colors. These popsicles also come with a lot of unhealthy sugar. Don’t let a picture a fruit on the box fool you. Instead of licking diabetes on a stick, consider making your own at home. Make a delicious lemonade with fresh lemons, maple syrup and water. Then, wash and puree a bunch of strawberries in the blender. Make sure the strawberries are at their peak of ripeness. This will help your popsicle maintain a natural sweetness. Once the strawberries are pureed, add the lemonade to the blender and puree the mix some more. Add the strawberry lemonade mix to popsicle molds and place them in the freezer for a few hours.

Root Beer Floats

Soda isn’t necessarily the healthiest drink to consume. However, if you can’t seem to let go of the sodas just yet, start by making your own at home. When you make it at home, you’ll eliminate the artificial sweeteners and unnecessary ingredients. For a delicious root beer float, make your own old-fashioned root beer. Use natural ingredients such as wintergreen, sassafras, ginger and wild cherry bark to make a delicious root beer drink. Once you’ve made the soda, add some whipped cream and a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream. Vegan ice cream is just as creamy and delicious as the real thing. However, dairy isn’t always the healthiest on the body. The vegan version may have some sugar, but it’s a little gentler on the body. Impress your guests by serving the floats at a dinner party in beautiful glassware, like that from Weston Table. To up the ante, add fresh cherries to the top.

Nice Cream

Nice cream is supremely delicious and guilt-free as it’s mainly comprised of bananas. Purchase a few bananas and allow them to reach the peak of ripeness. Remove the banana peels, cut the bananas up and place them in a freezer-safe container. Once the banana slices are frozen, add them to a food processor to churn like ice cream. As they churn and get creamy, add some vanilla extract and cinnamon. Now, you’ll have a decadent treat and you might forget that it’s actually a piece of fruit.

These sweet treats will curb the sweet tooth and keep your blood sugar intact. Don’t be afraid to tweak recipes and have fun with them. There’s always a healthier way to make a recipe and keep your taste buds happy.

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