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Well, I haven't been on here much in the last year, no net at home and been busy with kids, school, work, and other misc duties.

2014 is THE year for change. out with the stress, negativity, bullying (hubby towards my boy, and my boy to my girls) and depression... but most definitely.. the weight will go as well :)

As much as I would love to say I've got great news.. and everything is awesome... ... well.. it WILL be this year... just have to work the kinks out !

The biggest change so far is getting my home back to being a home.. not a place I dread being (and yes.. even when my kids are there... I avoid it if I can because husband is there... I have noticed that :( )
As December 13th, 2013 my husband and I are seperated (officially, when he moves out this weekend)
After 7years of him, and watching my kids and myself change (not for the better) it has come to the point where he has to go. It's termed a seperation, but nothing has changed in his attitude, mannerisms, attitude towards my kids, myself, our home, etc, so odds are, once he is out it will end up being permanent. And if that is what is best for my kids (and me) then that is what it will be... He has years of damage to fix with the kids, and does not seem to be interested in fixing it.

I know I have many many reasons, and I am so tired of explaining to everyone why I made this call (even those who know the whole deal.. tell me.. give it time.. he'll change (at which point I SMH it has been S E V E N Years... he's changing.. and it isn't for the better!) So, my word choice is... be patient with my children, and I apologize for my own mouth at times, but my kids need to go back to being happy-go-lucky, and I need to get back to enjoying being a mom, and being with my family, even if it is altered.

With trying to go from 220# (3 weeks ago) to 213 (holding here) is a great thing for me personally... I am REALLY Looking forward to getting back to the 176 I was ( I held that weight through 3 kids, and 10yrs... but every year we've been together I've put on 10-20#)
My goal : Kids & I are going to be better this year, and this mom... is going to see how much weight can be dropped between now, and April 17th (that btw.. is my anniversary ironically, but also the day my 3 kids, my mom and I head to NC for a wedding !!)

(and yes, even with all that negativity... this year will be great... my 3 kids are amazing kids, and we work well as a 4person unit and are much MUCH happier when we do things together, and have the house to ourselves (don't think I mentioned.. hubby has moved out for 2wks at a time.. a few times the last 2yrs at my persistance... and yet.. nothing changes
when he comes home)

keep the house (praying for that) get the negativity and bs away from my kids, and drop up to (or more?) 60#s in 2014 !~~!

@ 2:45pm ET on January 3, 2014
I can relate big time with you. I was with my husband for 10 years. I have a 7,4,3,1 year old and I know exactly what you mean. We have been separated since April. I am happier (stressed with the less money thing) BUT MONEY ISNT ALWAYS EVERYTHING. Woman have to be such strong individuals expecially when kids are involved. It takes time to get used to being single, and trust me sometimes you may want to go back if times get hard, but just think of yourself....a happy mom is a happy home. Take this year to focus on yourself. You can do this! I had to move to another city, get a new house, a new job, move all the was hard but we managed and are still trying. Things happen for a reason. Losing the weight will add to the good feelings. Just stay positive. I will be here if you ever need to talk! CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU, A NEW CHANCE AT THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND KEEP IT UP!!!

@ 2:54pm ET on January 3, 2014
Thanks :) I feel better knowing the stress will come from money, not spouse issues. I would move, but we have a land contract house (I fell inlove when I saw the house, and the kids adore it!) and my family lives here, so staying means while my folks and I have different opinions on my kids, at least I have support in my decision to go back to just the kids & I. (only took them until a few months ago to stop blaming me, and shut up!)
It was great when I logged in here and saw your blog post! It was uplifting, and I could relate! Cheers to you, the new year, and others who are going through their own journeys this year !! :)

@ 5:24pm ET on January 3, 2014
We are here for you as you go through these changes! It sounds like you're really focused in on what will be best for you and your kids - it must have taken a lot of courage for you to do this! The changes you make for your health in 2014 will help to make everything else in your life better as well, so I'm proud of you for reaching out to us for support!

I hope you'll join us for our New Year's Weight Loss Challenge. It begins on Monday and will run right up till Valentine's Day! This will be the year to LOVE yourself and your kids and your LIFE! :D

@ 5:51pm ET on January 3, 2014
That is a big part of why I like this community, it isn't negative, has great friendly people who support each other, and no matter how small the victory, it means something :)
My net time is sporatic, but I am looking forward to the WL Challenge :)

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