Johns common man approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Mr. Bad Food

by John McGran, Food columnist

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Please welcome our newest blogger, Mr. Bad Food. If his ketchup-stained face looks familiar, it's because he is the "twin" of your chief editor John McGran. While John grew to become a writer of words, Mr. Bad Food grew to become a righter of wrongs. We hope you like his unique approach.

Selecting the 10 worst foods is kind of like shooting fried fish in a barrel. But after much deliberation Mr. Bad Food has come up with the best of the worst foods he’s reviewed over the past year.

Always keep in mind that no food is a truly bad food... as long as you enjoy it in moderation. And be sure to come back weekly to check out which store-bought or restaurant foods Mr. Bad Food is roasting.

Now, here’s my 10 worst... in no particular order.

Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger, Carl’s Jr.
Mr. Bad Food is an East Coast kind of guy, but I realize there are no boundaries when it comes to bad foods. So, for this review, I took the advice of 19th Century newspaper editor Horace Greeley who urged, “Go west, young man, go west.”
The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger will gun you down with 1,130 calories (600 from fat), 66g total fat (100% of your Daily Reference Value), 28g sat fat (140% DRV), 150mg cholesterol, 2,540mg sodium (110%DRV), 83g carbs and 47g protein.

I’m beginning to understand why it’s called the wild, wild west. Sorry boys, but I’ll take the 3:10 to Yuma… and then the next plane to good old Philly, land of cheesesteaks and soft pretzels!

Double Deep Pizza, Pizza Hut
The Double Deep Pizzas are hand-crafted by loading the entire pizza with twice the toppings of a medium pizza, plus 50% more cheese and then wrapping the crust over the top to hold all the toppings in.

I opted for two slices of the Meaty variety. According to the www.PizzaHut.com Web site, I also opted for 1,160 calories, 72g of fat (110% of your recommended Daily Value), 28g saturated fat (140% DV), 3g trans fat, 200mg cholesterol, 3,980mg sodium (166% DV), 62g carbs and 62g protein.
In all fairness, the suggest serving is one slice (1/8 the medium pie) but who eats a single slice? Not me.

XX Large Chimichanga, El Monterey
While shopping at Wal-Mart here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I noticed Spicy Red Hot Beef & Bean XX Large Chimichangas in a cooler near the deli. They looked suspiciously like my 3-for-a-buck burritos of yesteryear " only bigger and a tad more costly.

A burrito is a filled flour tortilla wrapped around a filling of meat, beans and/or cheese. A chimichanga is a meat-filled tortilla… a dish that consists of a deep-fried burrito with a spicy meat filling.

The key words “deep-fried” may explain why my mushy 10-ounce XX Large Chimichanga did a Mexican fat dance on my diet to the tune of 920 calories, 57g of fat (15g saturated;1g trans fat), 40mg cholesterol, 1,140mg sodium, 83g carbs, and 22g protein.
Ay, caramba! It’s a good thing I only had one.

Meat Lover’s Scramble, Denny’s
Mr. Bad Food has seen plenty of bad nutrition numbers in his day. But I never saw such heart-stopping info as I did when I surfed the Denny’s Web site (www.dennys.com).

It was my stomach that turned upside down when I checked out the nutrition numbers for Denny’s Meat Lover’s Scramble. Denny’s could be charged with “salt with a deadly weapon” for serving a breakfast entree that packs an unbelievable 4,170mg of sodium! The Recommended Daily Allowance for sodium is 2,400mg.

The Meat Lover’s Scramble will also shake you down with 1,280 calories, 71g of fat (21 saturated; 0 trans), 565mg cholesterol (the RDA is 300mg), 103g carbs and 54g protein (RDA is 50). By the way, the RDA for fat is 65 grams, so you are taking in more than a day’s fat, cholesterol and sodium in a single meal!

So, my advice is if you find yourself at a Denny’s and someone recommends a scramble, you take their advice... and scramble for the door!

Country Breakfast Burrito, Hardee’s
The word burrito sounds like a term for a little burro. If you don’t want to make a big ass of yourself by scarfing down 60 grams of fat with your first meal of the day, then steer clear of the Country Breakfast Burrito at Hardee’s.

The king-sized breakfast burrito is cobbled together from two omelets, five hashrounds (their cutesy version of hashbrowns), cheddar cheese, and sausage gravy. The omelets that fill out the tortilla each contain two eggs, crumbled sausage, diced ham and bacon bits.

Now, if you’re hungry for 920 calories, 23 grams of saturated fat, and nearly 2,000 milligrams of sodium, dig in!

Chicken & Biscuit Bowl, KFC
The clever cooks at KFC devised a way to toss together an entire chicken dinner in a single bowl. According to the KFC.com Web site, the new bowls are “a blend of mouth-watering KFC flavors and textures all layered together.”

A blend... a jumble... a clutter... Call it what you will. But after checking out the nutritional facts, we call the Chicken & Biscuit bowl a great way to flock up your diet!

The nutrition guide at www.kfc.com says the Chicken & Biscuit dish bowls you over 870 calories, 44g of fat (11 saturated, 4.5 trans), 60mg cholesterol, 2,420mg sodium (101% of your recommended daily amount), 88g carbs (7 fiber, 5 sugars), and 29g protein.

Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème, Starbucks
When is a coffee drink not a coffee drink? When it comes across with nutritional numbers and frothy extras you’d expect to get with a milk shake! Oh, and when it doesn’t even include coffee!

Case in point: The 24-ounce (it’s Venti-sized in Starbucks lingo) Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème served up at your local Starbucks. This coffee drink is made from rich chocolate, chocolate chips and milk, blended with ice, topped with whipped cream (optional), and chocolate drizzle.
With 670 calories, 22g of total fat, (12g saturated fat; 0.5g of trans fat), and 107g of carbs, it only sounds like a coffee drink. The 12 grams of saturated fat is equal to the saturated fat you get in a McDonald’s Quarter-Pounder with Cheese... but the sandwich packs 160 fewer calories than the Frappuccino!

P’Zone, Pizza Hut
It takes two hands to handle a Pizza Hut P’Zone. The problem is " according to the nutrition info at www.pizzahut.com " it should also take two people. Yes, despite the fact the TV ads show a bunch of hungry guys chowing down on whole P’Zones, each of these super-sized dough pockets of meats, cheeses and sauce is considered TWO SERVINGS.

The nutrition numbers " doubled for those of us who consider the P’Zones one-meal wonders:

P'Zone Classic: 1,220 calories, 46g fat, 22g saturated fat, 2g trans fat, 130mg cholesterol, 2,700mg sodium, 144g carbs, 8g fiber, 60g protein.

P'Zone Pepperoni: 1,260 calories, 48g fat, 22g saturated fat, 2g trans fat, 140mg cholesterol, 2,980mg sodium, 140g carbs, 6g fiber, 64g protein.

P'Zone Meaty: 1,380 calories, 58g fat, 26g saturated fat, 2g trans fat, 160mg cholesterol, 3,460mg sodium, 144g carbs, 8g fiber, 70g protein.

The Baconator, Wendy’s
The term Baconator sparks images of a poorly acted action flick featuring a leading man with a terribly thick Austrian accent. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if you’re planning on ordering Wendy’s newest offering, think again. Yeah, I can picture it now. A seatbelt-straining drive-thru customer grabs his grease-stained bag of beef, bacon and fried potatoes, and before driving off to feast upon his Baconator, he shouts to the drive-up window jockey, “I’ll be bawk... for my defibrillator paddles!” Then, just before he zooms out of earshot, the server leans out of her window and yells back at him: “Hasta la vista… flabby!”

OK, so it’s poor scriptwriting. But it’s also poor dining to indulge in this Wendy’s double cheeseburger on steroids. The Baconator boasts two beef patties, two slices of cheese and SIX slices of bacon! It’s more like hasta la vista diet! Do yourself a favor and terminate your urge to order this beast of a burger.

The nutritional numbers for the 10-ounce Baconator: 830 calories, 51g of fat (22g saturated; 2.5g trans fat), 170mg of cholesterol, 1,920mg of sodium, 35g of carbs and 57g of protein.

The Extreme Grand Slam, Denny’s
Ads for Denny’s Grand Slam breakfasts used to feature the tagline, “$2.99... are you out of your mind?!” Now that the restaurant chain has launched ads for its new Extreme Grand Slam " a breakfast platter piled high with three strips of bacon, three sausage links (hmmm, it must be the year of the pig), two eggs, hash browns and three pancakes " the updated ad copy should now read: ...    Continue

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@ 12:31pm ET on March 7, 2008
I'm lovin Mr Bad Food! Info to put to use out there in the real world...That's what I'm talkin about!

@ 12:49pm ET on March 7, 2008
Gracias Shannon.... such praise is better than a happy meal anyday!

@ 7:51pm ET on March 7, 2008
Great information!! It really helps to see the calories and fat content in "black and white". :)

Sometimes I feel we are fooled by the slices of tomatoes and lettuce that are on a sandwich and tend to think we are really getting our veggies in. What a mistake!! Thanks for the post.

@ 8:40pm ET on March 7, 2008
I love love LOVE Mr. BadFood! HAHA very entertaining and a very funny read, you know ...aside from my crying out HOLY S%$@! from all the deadly food :P Now I know that Denny's is prob the best place to order a cardio Bomb!

@ 10:20pm ET on March 7, 2008
I'm HUNGRY now dang it!!! haha But hey, Mr. Bad food set me straight! NO eating this junk!

@ 9:12pm ET on March 8, 2008
Thanks for the kind words -- Mr Bad Food and I have been thisclose for many years. He really knows his way around bad food! ;o)
John "Chief Editor" McGran

@ 9:53am ET on March 10, 2008
This article would have been better if it not only included foods not to eat but foods to eat instead of the ones listed!

@ 10:53am ET on March 10, 2008
Mr Bad Food is the greatest, I love seeing the "contents" in black and white. It isnt often that you get to a website before you order something from fast food or drink. I am suprised at the "special" coffees. Heart attack in a cup. Who would of thought.

@ 11:00am ET on March 10, 2008
Hello badfoods... welcome to Diet.com. Future Mr. Bad Food columns will include good news to balance the bad... with 10 foods in this initial blog, it got pretty lengthy. Thanks for reading... and responding.

John McGran
Chief Editor

@ 11:07am ET on March 10, 2008
I really like Mr. BadFood, I have not seen his articles for a long time..I am glad he is back. He gives good advice and it is very entertaining!!Keep writing the articles!

@ 12:37pm ET on March 10, 2008
Great article. Entertaining and informative. Frankly, I've never understood how people DIDN'T know this stuff was death food. I see co-workers with greasy bags of death food day after day, sometimes 2 meals a day. They should be reading this.

@ 2:16pm ET on March 10, 2008
loving this I didnt realize ala fatty foods Ive bee eating. thanks

@ 2:16pm ET on March 10, 2008
I think some of the names of the food alone would have me avoiding them. I do love bacon but just looking at the picture of the baconator makes my arteries feel clogged. LOL

Thanks for the info!

@ 3:53pm ET on March 10, 2008
I knew it was a lot but, WOW! I was blown away!!
Thanks for enlightening me!

@ 4:40pm ET on March 10, 2008
Wow, scary stuff!My heart is poundingjust thinking about what this food could do to my insides!! Need to run an extra 10 miles!

@ 6:14pm ET on March 10, 2008
ewww! I can't believe I used to eat that stuff. The P'Zone yep I've eaten a whole one myself in the past. No More though! ;) Thanks for the info.

@ 7:51pm ET on March 10, 2008
I'm taking this list to my job. A lot of people there need to see it!

@ 8:49pm ET on March 10, 2008
oh my god so much salt and fat two meals out of that range and I would explode I'm hungry but not for those foods think I'll go find an apple

@ 1:49pm ET on March 11, 2008
Hey, Mr. Bad Foods:
If we're dieting, are we even going NEAR these foods? How about opening people's eyes to really bad food they may not realize. Like sodas, diet AND regular. Or all the products out there that are laden with High Fructose Corn Syrup that sabotage even the most scrupulous dieters? Or salad dressings? Or chinese food sauces?

@ 3:00pm ET on March 11, 2008
Give Mr. Bad Food a chance.. there are so many topics, so little time. I will eventually cover all areas of eating -- healthy and unhealthy. Salad bars can leave ya with a major hangover. Dressings are killers. As far as your query: "when are we even near this stuff cuz we're dieting?" Americans dine out many times a week... our friends and co-workers are always inviting us to eat out... there are many opportunities. This list of 10 may be extreme, but I know it's easy sometimes to justify a burger or sandwich by low-balling a guess of fat and cals. Please keep reading. This is gonna be a fun ride.
Mr. Bad Food

@ 5:16pm ET on March 12, 2008
how about those mcskillet burritos at mcdonalds? they were like 600-700 calories. Yikes!

@ 8:05pm ET on March 15, 2008

@ 2:17am ET on March 16, 2008
hahaha i'm happy, because none of these foods are for sale here in belgium :D

@ 5:32pm ET on March 18, 2008
wow very good facts to know!
quick question: what are the RDA for carbs and fibre?

@ 12:58pm ET on April 8, 2008
It seems that almost all of these "evil" foods are for carnivores. If you become a vegetarian, you would have to worry a lot less about what foods are "evil" or "good"

@ 7:47am ET on June 28, 2008
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