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Lunch is a midday meal that provides people with energy until dinnertime. There are a variety of foods that people eat for lunch. However, some of these foods provide more energy than others. Here are 4 healthy lunch ideas that will energize you through the rest of your day.


Most people might think that bananas are just for breakfast or best served as a snack. However, if you eat this food during lunch time, it will provide you with more than enough energy until the evening time arrives. According to Healthline, bananas have vitamin B6, carbohydrates and potassium. Each one of these beneficial nutrients will pump up the energy levels within a person’s body. Once an individual eats a few bananas during their lunchtime, they should be ready to complete the rest of their work or school day on a high note.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a superfood for energy. Many people might not consider eating brown rice for lunch, but they should. This wholesome food has the right substances to enhance your energy levels from lunchtime until it’s bedtime. Brown rice manganese. This mineral is designed to break down proteins and carbohydrates to release power into your body. Brown rice is also useful for maintaining blood sugar levels that will provide you with energy as well. If you’re an athlete or a person that requires a special diet, your nutrition plans should include brown rice.


Yogurt is a popular meal that people eat during lunchtime. Most people like the way that yogurt tastes and it provides energy. Don’t forget that yogurt is a protein packed food. The protein contained within yogurt slowly breaks down carbohydrates which releases energy over time. Yogurt also has two vitamins that your cells specifically use for fuel. Vitamins B6 and B12 are used for this purpose. You should not forget about the sugar content that is included in yogurt because it too provides more energy for your body.


Strawberries are a highly nutritious form of fruit. When it comes to providing energy, these little berries do a great job. Strawberries have carbohydrates, sugars and fibers. Each of these elements are important for increasing energy. Strawberries also have antioxidants which can help to raise your energy levels by fighting fatigue. Strawberries can be added to foods such as yogurt or to fruit salad to give your body a greater boost of power.

@ 7:52am ET on February 23, 2020
Now I would make sure that either bananas or brown rice are essentially present on lunch time. I often visit to write essay about food. Perhaps these meals could provide me sufficient energy till the dinner time.

@ 5:55pm ET on March 4, 2020
Good share! Thanks

@ 5:57pm ET on March 4, 2020

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