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Hair, beautiful hair. If there was one beauty asset both men and women find as the essence of true beauty and superior outward appearance, lovely locks would place as a strong first in the line of natural beauty perks. Lovely locks, regardless of color, texture or length has been an almost defiant representation of strength, power, virility and sex appeal for thousands of years.

With the many thousands of hair-fortifying routines that have helped create gorgeously nourished strands of beautiful hair health, basic, organic options have stood the tests of time. We're here to look at a few great foods that have remained as the top contenders for supporting absolutely fabulous hair with very little trouble at all. If you want luxuriously manageable hair, these 4 foods and their mega nutrients are what your thirsty hair craves.


What better food than the incredible, edible egg to provide two of the most important nutrients a head of hair could adore. Protein and biotin. These two fabulous nutrients help promote a win-win with hair follicle health and keratin production.

The egg has you covered with additional nutritional delights like zinc and selenium. These egg-cellent hair nourishing ingredients make the egg a super easy choice to incorporate for desirable hair health.


Antioxidants, collagen and strong, healthy hair come together naturally when consuming luscious berries of all kinds. Antioxidants like Vitamin C that are found in strawberries help hair fight off nasty free radicals that can damage your hair's follicles. By upping your antioxidant levels with all kinds of berries, hair follicles are strengthened by the collagen that antioxidants produce. No more brittle or breaking strands for you or your hair brush.


Like beautiful berries, the rich and creamy avocado is also chock full of impressive antioxidants. It is also dense with healthy fat that moisturizes locks either by consumption or topical application. This tasty fruit is a major beautiful hair amplifier.


So maybe there are actually more than four foods to eat to promote hair growth. If seeds, oysters, shrimp, sirloin steak and sweet peppers found their way into your shopping cart, your hair will actually love you for it.

Incorporating fabulous foods, Prp Hair Therapy Services and a little patience is where healthy hair begins. Gorgeous hair usually doesn't just happen by itself. If heredity of gorgeously healthy hair passed you by, don't lose hope. These tips can help!

@ 5:47pm ET on May 31, 2020
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