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The golden years of life bring forth a time when you should enjoy hobbies, passions and other pursuits. However, you may find a lack of self confidence as these years come on. Instead of allowing negative feelings to take control, employ these strategies to boost confidence and to feel great.


Growing older doesn’t mean that you have to put exercise behind you. Staying in shape and working out are two methods to both retaining and regaining confidence. Look for classes that are geared toward seniors. For example, you might research water aerobics in the community as this type of exercise is typically a more low-impact one than traditional aerobics.

Oral Care

Smiling with a bright grin lets other people know your happy, and your confidence and good vibes can spill over into everyone around you. Visiting your dentist for regular cleanings is as imperative as is taking this professional’s advice for any procedures. For example, cleanings and dental implants can give you the smile that you deserve. When people are missing teeth they often don’t want to smile as much, appear in pictures, and even their food habits change. You need to be able to eat produce to keep your health at it’s peak. This can affect daily interactions with loved ones and your quality of life.

Eat Right

Speaking of your mouth, knowing the right foods to put into it can boost how you feel. When you start to integrate a healthier diet into your lie, you can really begin to feel better about yourself overall. Specific dietary needs vary by individual, so you should talk with your doctor to see what is best for you.

Feed Your Brain

Learning is an experience that continues throughout life, and you can take advantage of courses that you didn’t have the time to take in years gone by. For some seniors, this endeavor involves pursuing a degree in a beloved field at a local college. Others dabble in interest-based courses at community colleges or senior centers. Seeing your skills grow in a course can boost your confidence. Even if you download memory or word games on your cellphone you’ll be able to maintain some mental vigor that can help combat some of the effects of aging and memory loss. Try learning a new language with Duolingo and keep things fresh with your brain.


Isolation can lead to a lack of confidence in the self. Spending time with other people can help to put you in a better mood. Also, as you develop friendships with individuals who are also in their golden years, you can boost one another’s confidence. Chances are that you are going to have some shared experiences, and you can bond over these similar feelings, struggles and triumphs.
Whether you are just entering into the golden years or have been in this time period for awhile, know that you are a valuable human being who is worthy of having strong self confidence. Following these tips can seriously bolster your confidence and increase your positivism.

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