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Summertime means more barbecues. While many people often associate barbecues with sizzling meat, this doesn't have to be the case. As one in ten Americans subscribes to either veganism or vegetarianism, what better time than the summer to host a plant-based barbecue? Read on to learn how to hold a vegan barbecue without fake meat.

Cook with Jackfruit

Jackfruit has hit the vegetarian and vegan circuit hard. As far as meat alternatives go, jackfruit is nature's go-to. With its meat-like texture that can be used for savory and sweet dishes, the jackfruit is the perfect replacement fruit for several popular barbecue recipes. While raw, jackfruit has a sweet taste similar to that of a banana or mango. When it is unripe, the jackfruit is quite neutral, allowing it to easily adapt the flavor of anything it is cooked or seasoned with.

Grill Vegetable Skewers

Vegetables are the perfect guest to any barbecue, whether it's a vegan one or not. With grilled vegetable skewers, hosts and hostesses can pile the veggies high and create the tastiest meals of the summer. Everything from squashes, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and corn are all welcome to join the grilling fun. Spice up the vegetable skewers by adding in some summertime sauces. A great sauce to season skewers with is a chimichurri sauce, adding a perfect blend of citrus spiciness to your summer veggies.

Create a Corn and Bean Masterpiece

It's hard to go wrong with corns and beans. Corns have long since been a barbecue favorite and beans provide the much-needed protein that every vegan barbecue needs. While there are many beans dishes to make on the grill for a vegan barbecue, a popular summer favorite is a barbecue bean bowl with coleslaw and corn. These barbecue baked beans are sweet, savory, and completely vegan. Use pinto beans, mustard, tomato paste, brown sugar, chili powder, and similar flavorings to create this summertime staple.

Cook Cauliflower Steaks

While the cauliflower steak isn't an exact replacement for a regular steak, it is a favorite among vegans everywhere. Whole roasted cauliflowers are an excellent option for a summertime barbecue. The low calorie and hearty solution makes for a stunning meal and requires very little prep. Simply grill a whole head of cauliflower that has been lightly seasoned with pepper, salt, and olive oil.
Prepare for any upcoming vegan barbecues with these delicious grilling ideas. The best barbecues are about great food and good friends. Don't hesitate to get you began grilling on this summer with these tasty vegan ideas.

@ 8:32am ET on September 18, 2019
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