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I'd like to start this blog with my qualifications to write this... Let me kick it off by stating that I am a mother of 3. My entire family has metabolism issues. My mother has been overweight for most of her life. The metabolism issues did not skip me and my siblings unfortunately. My weight has fluctuated an insane amount with pregnancies, depression, and other life situations. I decided I didn't want to keep living my life as an extremely overweight person. I wasn't happy that way. So I have done tons of research over the years about different dieting techniques, and then put my knowledge to the test on myself. I have tried tons of diets. Now, I'm currently creating my own that work for me very well. I have successfully lost over 100 lbs! And I've been keeping the weight off as well. So I made an account on this site to share my techniques and knowledge with people in hopes that it can help others on their weight loss journeys.

Now to get straight to the point of this blog post! I want to tell you how you can lose weight and keep it off without starving yourself and breaking the bank. First things first, if you have texture issues or issues eating things that are bland, time to get over it. Food does not exist solely for the purpose of tasting yummy and feeling delightful in your mouth. Food exists to nourish our bodies. When we start caring more about taste and texture, and less about nourishment, that's when we get fat and/or unhealthy. So say goodbye to picky eating for good.

A lot of my friends have turned their nose up to me when I've told them what I eat and how many calories a day I consume. Most people think that they NEED to eat so much more than they should to stay alive and be healthy. It just isn't true. The standard American diet (SAD) consists of highly processed foods, pasta, bread, fatty meats, and enough carbs to feed an elephant. SAD sucks. It isn't nutritious. It's what's killing people every year. A meal at Wendy's for $5 contains over 1000 calories. ONE MEAL! That is just unacceptable.

It is true that male born people have to eat more than female born people to be healthy and function. That's just science. If we focus on the numbers we consume, that's when we start succeeding with weight loss. Not only that, but you've gotta be putting good stuff in. You are what you eat. So a male born person should be eating around 2500 calories a day to maintain their current weight, while a female born person should be eating around 2000. In order to start losing weight, we've got to create a calorie deficit. This means cutting calories.

A super easy way to start getting more involved in your calorie intake is to make sure your reading every label and actually eating the recommended (or less than) serving size. Something that really helps me is logging my calories on my calorie counting app, Lose It! I'm sure there are other apps, but that's the one I use. It may seem tedious, but it actually only takes less than a minute to log your calories. You can log your entire day first thing in the morning if you have your days diet mapped out in your mind. If you eat anything else throughout the day, you can just add it later. Or, you can add as your eating. Most people these days chill on their phones while eating anyways, so you could be logging your calories!

Now, if your saying, "I don't know what to eat!" I'm here to help. These are the things I eat every day to lose weight...


You can get yogurt in so many flavors. If you don't like yogurt, let me ask you this, have you actually gave yogurt a try? Have you went to the store and purchased yogurts that sounded like a flavor you might enjoy? If the answer is no, time to rethink yogurt. I buy Oikos brand. They have less than 200 calories per yogurt and cost $0.97 each at Walmart. I eat one every morning for breakfast.


The health benefits of coffee are numerous. Don't believe me? Look it up. Don't want caffeine? Buy decaffeinated. Don't like coffee? Add a little stevia and cashew milk. Coffee gives us a little metabolism boost, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Cashew milk and Fiber 1 cereal

Cashew milk is 25 calories for 1 cup! That's crazy low, and has more calcium than cows milk!!! WHAT?!? Fiber 1 cereal is 60 calories per serving. That makes your bowl of cereal only 85 calories! I have a bowl a couple hours after my yogurt and coffee to satiate my hunger until lunch time.

Progresso light soups

I swear by these. They are filling and delicious. I also eat the traditional 99% fat free chicken noodle, which isn't listed as a light soup, but has low calories like the light ones. If I'm really hungry, I eat the whole can and I add a little water to give myself a little more soup. If I'm not feeling super hungry, I only pour out half the can and still add a little water to it, then I save the other half of the can for a couple hours.

Ole wheat flax seed tortillas

These tortillas eat like a regular tortilla, but only have 50 calories each! I felt so happy when I found these at Walmart.

Tuna and lean sandwich meat

Small cans of tuna in water and lean sandwich meat are great toppings for the tortilla. Add a little bit of lettuce, tomato, and mustard for a wrap that's around 100-200 calories. If you want to add cheese, it's not the end of the world, but definitely make sure your reading labels and putting only 1 oz on your wrap. Otherwise your going to be increasing your wrap calories to over 300 calories.

Chicken breast

I buy boneless skinless chicken breasts in bulk. 1 breast is typically about 5.7 ounces, so cutting it in half and saving the other half for the following day is sometimes a thing I do. A full breast is around 250 calories.

Corn tortillas

These babies are also 50 calories a piece, unless they aren't. Some brands are 100 a piece, READ THOSE LABELS! I cut up my chicken breast and use 3 tortillas to make 3 little tacos for dinner. I like to add lettuce, tomato, onion, and hot sauce or salsa.


You can get white rice in huge bags for SO cheap! Just make sure you are reading the label. The calories from rice can add up really quick. I usually only have 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup of rice. I eat it along side chicken breast or I eat it as a dessert with a little bit of cashew milk, stevia, and cinnamon.

All of the foods I just listed are super cheap. I promise you, I eat these every single day and I'm not only feeling great, but I'm still losing weight. As I write this post, I'm currently down to 159 lbs. My youngest child is 2 and I don't plan on having any more. I was born female and I am 5'2". I'm also a stay at home mother, so my activity level is not super high. I try to get additional exercise, but what I'm saying is, a woman my size with my level of activity can thrive on a calorie intake of 1000-1200 a day. If you are larger than me, have a higher activity level, work, or are born male, you'll need to adjust your diet a bit.

If you need to add some calories to your diet to thrive, add things like: apples, green bananas, cucumbers with hummus, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, beans, an additional wrap, a salad with fat free dressing, ...    Continue

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