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If you are affected by gall bladder stones, you will have pain over the upper abdomen and in between shoulder blades. You will experience continuous vomiting sensation. Your doctor will recommend for permanent removal of gall bladder through a surgery. But, the surgery will lead to more severe problems in future. In order to get relief from the pain permanently, you need not to remove gall bladder but, you must remove the stones. You perform the gall bladder stones removal naturally.

Bile, secreted by liver for digestion of fats is stored in gall bladder. Due to excess cholesterol or bilirubin content, the bile solidifies forming stones either in the gall bladder or in the bile duct, through which the bile flows. The bile is pumped out of gall bladder whenever required. When the stones block the flow of bile, it causes inflammation and severe pain.

Gallstones formed due to excess bilirubin are called pigment gallstones and those formed due to excess cholesterol are called cholesterol gallstones. Irrespective of the type of the gallstones and irrespective of your sex, you can opt for gall bladder stones removal naturally.

Women are more likely to get gallstones due to pregnancy, excess of estrogen and obesity. Gallstones are also caused by old age and fasting, excess cholesterol, frequent occurrence of constipation and diabetes.

The pain on upper abdomen as well as back side, nausea and indigestion, yellowish skin and eyes, dark colored urine and clay colored stools are the symptoms.

By drinking plenty of water daily and eating a healthy diet with vegetable, nuts, calcium phosphate, less carbohydrate and no junk food can prevent formation of gallstones as well as speed up the process of curing.

Doing physical exercises daily and drinking coffee will also help to prevent gallstones.

There are various home remedy methods for gall bladder stones removal naturally.

Eat apple and citrus fruits daily and also drink their juices

Consume daily 2 tea spoons of Quebra Pedra herb in 500 ml water for two months

Drink fresh juices of pear, beets, cucumber, carrot, lemon, grapes and grapefruit daily two times

Have a fiber rich diet with no eggs, meat, animal fats, refined carbohydrate, processed foods, spices, sugar and alcohol.

Avoid bulk food and take more number of small meals

Natural remedies ensure complete flesh out of the gall bladder stones without any risk or side effects. Hence, instead of going for the risky surgery, let natural therapy enable you to get rid of your gallstones. Opt for gall bladder stones removal naturally and get permanent relief.

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