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so.. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant. Which means I'm in my 7th month. Baby is doing great! I got all my test results and I am perfectly healthy, no diabetes, no high blood pressure.. Horray! I've only gained 17 pounds. We are now starting to get things ready, setting up baby things.
Baby likes to kick all night long. And is currently sitting in my ribs. wooh hoo! :0

Here are some pictures.. (baby today, and me on the way to our baby shower sunday..)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

@ 11:20pm ET on September 11, 2012 Soooo happy for you, you're going to be a wonderful mommy! I gained 60 pounds for my first baby, so 17 is almost nothing lol. The best thing to get is a glide rocker, they can be expensive but so worth it. =^.^=
@ 3:30pm ET on September 12, 2012 It's really wonderful to hear your updates on how you're doing and your health while you're pregnant. It's certainly of interest to many of us on the site - especially those of our who have been following your story for so long!! You sound like you're taking such good care of your baby already! So proud of you, and you look wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing your updates and photos!
@ 7:36pm ET on October 3, 2012 Yaa! I'm so excited to see an update and reveal that I'm expecting as well...13 weeks today, so I still have a ways to go, but it's cool to follow your progress. It's so scary & exciting being the first time around.

I'm hoping this 2nd trimester helps me feel better because the 1st wasn't so grand and I actually lost 5 pounds so far, which would normally make me happy, but I want to make sure I'm healthy for the baby. I'm sure the pounds will pile on before long, although I still want to watch what I eat and exercise more when I feel better. SO happy for you! ~Sara :o)
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