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This weekend I went to Abingdon, Virginia for their Highlands Festival. My favorite band, BROTHER, was performing and I went up to see them. I took a friend with me, got a hotel booked and we were off!

However, the night before I left the band posted on their facebook asking for help at their merchandise table. So I volunteered. So not only did I get to see them perform three times over the weekend, but I got to work for and with them. I even got a lot of nice perks... like three free CDs and a free didgeridoo ha ha But it was such a fun weekend! The guys in the band were just so great and sweet. They had two different didgeridoos... one was a slide didge that was $50 and the other was just a normal C didge that was $25. I wanted a slide one, and so did my friend, so we set two aside and paid for them. Then later after a show on Saturday night this lady bought three of them and we ended up having to get her ours. The member of the band that plays and makes them, Drew, said he had two extras in his bag that we could have he just had to get the clamps for them. So yesterday when we saw him once the band got there he told us that the hardware store was closed, but that after the two shows that day he'd take the clamps off of his and give them to us. So we have clamps that have been on his personal didges and have been on the road with him for about 3 years. So that's really awesome!

Yesterday after their last performance when they were packing stuff up the band all signed our slide didgeridoos and we got pictures with them. Then while we were standing there talking to Dalbo, the dummer, Drew walked over to us with two of the C didges and handed them to us and just said "Because you should always have two." ... It was so sweet of him! I gave him a hug and they all signed that one for us as well.

So I had a great weekend! My side still hurts decently from when I fainted last week. I can tell it's getting better, but it still hurts, so I haven't gotten back to my exercising lately. I may try to do some Zumba or something today. I can tell I'm starting to gain some weight since I haven't been working out. And I haven't even stepped on the scale in the past week because I know it'll just upset me. But, injuries happen I suppose. I know I'll get back to my normal self soon. I go back to work on Thursday, so hopefully I'll be more healed by then. That'll be two weeks since the fainting happened to begin with. So... we'll see.

Anyway I need to get going. Just put a chicken in the crock pot to take to a small pot luck with some friends tonight. It's just a small chicken. I've never cooked one though, so we'll see how it turns out ha ha

Later days!

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(Dalbo, my friend Nick, Drew, me, and Angus)

@ 12:27pm ET on August 7, 2012
I love your new profile picture! You look great! Do you know how to play a didgeridoo?! So cool that you got to hang out with one of your fav bands AND see them perform AND get some mementos from them in the form of a new instrument! So fun :)

@ 12:55pm ET on August 7, 2012
I'm still learning. I'd never played one until this past weekend. People kept asking my friend and me to demonstrate how to play them when they'd come to the table. My friend wouldn't do it and kept saying that I was the "resident expert" to which I would reply "Well I'm no Drew Reid... but I'll give it a shot" ha ha

I have the drone down ok, but I still need to learn the right breathing technique and how to change the drone. Practice makes perfect I guess!

@ 3:37pm ET on August 7, 2012
Oh you young whippersnappers, I had to ask my teenager what a didgeridoo was!

I love cooking with the crock pot. The whole house smells good when there's something cooking. I want to know how your chicken came out.

Cool pic, Thanks for posting!=^.^=

@ 2:56pm ET on August 8, 2012
Ha ha ha I guess I should have explained didges better. But in the picture I posted, my friend Nick has his didges in front of him. So that's what they look like ha ha

The chicken turned out ok. I used a lemon pepper seasoning, but it didn't really hold in the chicken very much. I think the skin absorbed everything ha ha But it was still good.
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