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Cynthia's Workout Plan

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I know that it has been awhile, but things have slowly but surely improved. The thinervention is going well. For a time it seemed all I could do was gain 2, lose 2.... this time I lost 3. I just need to get bak to what I was doing before starting this thinervention program. It seems I was doing much better with out worrying about a weigh-in and how many calories i was intaking per week. So, I will get back to my routine and we will see how it goes. Wish Me Luck!!!!!

@ 3:24pm ET on May 15, 2012 Good luck and yeah I am the same but am back on track now!
@ 10:12am ET on May 17, 2012 Good luck!! Congrats on the 3lb loss :)
@ 11:51am ET on May 17, 2012 Thank you for the encouragement :-)
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