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Meghan Tiernan (MS, RD, LDN) is a registered dietitian with a passion for helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. She strives to help others learn the most nutritious way to eat, in order to achieve good health. Meghan enjoys cooking and running and believes that with just some basic knowledge, you can gain the confidence in yourself to know that you can eat well.

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Dietitian Consult
by Meghan Tiernan, MS, RD, LDN

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Healthy Mother's Day BrunchMother's Day is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate mom than to enjoy a great breakfast with the whole family? If you're planning on brunching it up to celebrate, here are a few survival tips to keep your diet on track but still be able to enjoy all the deliciousness that brunches have to offer :)

- Load up your plate with healthier options first. The less room you have for the higher calorie stuff on your first trip to the buffet, the less calories you'll consume and the quicker you'll get to work on triggering that "full" feeling.

- Choose Smart. Healthier options to choose first: Fresh fruit, oatmeal, eggs or an omelet stuffed with veggies, lean meats such as sliced ham, turkey sausage or bacon, whole wheat toast, yogurt, cottage cheese and veggies, cooked or raw. If possible, ask for French toast on whole wheat bread and stick with 2 slices. Also, if possible, choose light syrup and limit the butters/margarines/cream cheeses.

- Indulge. There's no reason to totally avoid the dessert table or the fun foods. What I would suggest is keeping unhealthier options to one piece/serving and picking your top two favorite desserts to enjoy. Try and go back for these things on your second pass because chances are you'll be less starved and have better control sticking with portions.

- Drink up... water that is! Limit your liquid calories so you can really enjoy your food calories. Stick with coffee, tea or water for your primary beverage choices to keep those calories in check.

- Get moving. After a morning of indulging, you'll most likely feel tired, stuffed and ready for a nap. Resist the urge to lie down and suggest that the whole family get moving and go for a walk to burn off some of those calories.

- Make it yourself. There's always the option of having a homemade brunch where you can have a lot more control over what you consume and what goes into the recipes.

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!

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@ 6:51pm ET on November 1, 2014 All very good tips
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