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What wacky celebrity diet and weight loss tips are in the news this week? Get the dish on the celebrity gossip and diet rumors in these celebrity-inspired diet blogs. Often a guide for what not to do, these celebrity blogs range from useful to absurd! Find out what fad diet or crazy cleanse the celebs are trying, or gain positive motivation from the celebs that are losing weight the right way - through diet and exercise!

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Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi ...

Laura Stack
Diet.com blogger Laura Stack is a personal productivity expert, author of The Exhaustion Cure, and professional ...

Dr. Terri Orbuch
Terri Orbuch is a psychologist, Oakland University professor, and research professor at The University of ...

You might recognize Sarah as Diet.com Video host and producer. She's also a certified personal trainer and healthy ...

Danielle Prestejohn, NASM CPT, MS Nutrition, is a devoted CrossFitter, Group Fitness Instructor, and Health Coach. ...

Maggie Moon, MS, RD
Maggie Moon, MS, RD is a registered dietitian, food lover, jazz dancer, and aspiring aerialist. She's not the food police, she's about ...

Recent Expert Blogs
Ways to Boost Your Immune System with Tasty Food
Posted @ 3:00pm ET on April 15, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Whether you have an immunity disorder, need to give your body an extra hand with flushing toxins, or you just want to help keep your body in top shape, eating the right foods can be a great benefit to your immune system. Despite the stigma that healthy ...
4 Awesome Ways to Make Coffee Healthier
Posted @ 3:28pm ET on April 11, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Coffee can do wonders for those who struggle to get started in the morning, and can have many benefits when consumed correctly. However, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to have your coffee, and there are ways to make even healthy coffee habits ...
4 Foods That Reduce the Risk of Eye Disease
Posted @ 1:06pm ET on April 10, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
You’ve probably heard the advice that eating carrots will improve your eyesight. It’s true that carrots contain nutrients to nourish your eyes, but they’re not the only foods that can keep your vision in good shape. Be sure to include the ...
4 Dietary Supplements and What They Do for You
Posted @ 7:03pm ET on April 3, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Most of the nutrients that your body needs should come from the foods that you eat, but sticking to a strict diet is no easy task. That is one of the reasons why many people now take multiple supplements every day. Here is a quick look at four of the most ...
4 Tips for Eating Balanced Meals Everyday
Posted @ 12:50pm ET on April 3, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Getting into the best shape, having the most energy, and feeling confident about yourself comes down to having the right diet. However, having balanced meals every day in order to achieve better health can be a challenge. Here are four tips to help you get ...
3 Ways Health and Fitness Are Personal Battles
Posted @ 7:37pm ET on March 28, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Diet, exercise, and self-care are becoming more and more visible as people use social media to track their journey, motivate others, and motivate themselves. While a good public perception and understanding of healthy living is definitely a good thing, ...
4 Changes That Will Make You Feel Younger
Posted @ 4:28pm ET on March 22, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
You are doing great in your life, but you are starting to “feel your age.” You are noticing that you are going to get your morning coffee and sitting down with your friends to that only talk about politics and meeting for bingo. Recently, you have ...
Incorporating 4 Natural Extracts into Your Diet
Posted @ 4:41pm ET on March 21, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Everyone wants to ensure that they’re incorporating the best elements that they can into their bodies. While your diet can certainly impact your health and mood, sometimes keeping to a diet isn’t good enough. In many cases, you need a little extra punch ...
Risks and Benefits of 4 Common Weight Loss Methods
Posted @ 1:10pm ET on March 20, 2019
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control say a five to ten percent reduction in weight can improve negative health symptoms and reduce blood pressure. The method, however, of losing weight has a major effect on the end result. We talk about the ...
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