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What wacky celebrity diet and weight loss tips are in the news this week? Get the dish on the celebrity gossip and diet rumors in these celebrity-inspired diet blogs. Often a guide for what not to do, these celebrity blogs range from useful to absurd! Find out what fad diet or crazy cleanse the celebs are trying, or gain positive motivation from the celebs that are losing weight the right way - through diet and exercise!

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John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during ...

For the past 27 years, Leslie has been showing people that our bodies are made to move. With her boundless energy ...

Laura Stack
Diet.com blogger Laura Stack is a personal productivity expert, author of The Exhaustion Cure, and professional ...

Erik Fisher, PhD, aka Dr. E…, is a licensed psychologist and author who has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX and ...

Melissa Lanz is the founder of The Fresh 20, a national nutrition service for healthy ...

Lauren Alford
Lauren Alford is the food blogger behind MuchAdoAboutSomethin.com, who enjoys putting together creative and healthy recipes that anyone can ...

Recent Expert Blogs
Diet Planning? Meal Prep Without Wasting Food
Posted @ 3:51pm ET on October 13, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a certain weight or build muscle, you’ve got to become intentional with your diet. Most fitness professionals admit that weight loss is primarily about eating the right foods first. The workouts matter, ...
5 Foods That Will Give Your Happiness a Boost
Posted @ 6:49pm ET on October 10, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Whether you’re struggling with clinical depression or simply looking to add a little energy and vitality to your life, true happiness can sometimes feel elusive. A good job, fulfilling hobbies, and plenty of exercise are all important, but they are only ...
3 Guiding Principles to Dumping Envy - For Good
Posted @ 12:00pm ET on September 29, 2017
Blog: Diet Write
By DietWrite
I’ll Have What She’s Having My 3 Guiding Principles to Dumping Envy - For GoodBy Hilary Boynton www.liveyumyum.com Hilary Boynton, founder of the lifestyle brand Live Yum Yum, inspires others to prevent and reverse disease by embracing healthy ...
3 Ways to Stick To Your Meal Plan When Eating Out
Posted @ 10:32am ET on September 21, 2017
Blog: Emma Sturgis
By emmasturgis
By Emma Sturgis Have you been working out and eating in moderation in order to stay fit? If so, the last thing you want to do is mess up your fitness strategy by over-consuming when you go out to eat at a restaurant. However, you probably also don't ...
Are There Health Benefits to Beauty?
Posted @ 10:00am ET on September 21, 2017
Blog: Diet Write
By DietWrite
By Eileen O'Shanassy Men and women alike often strive to improve and perfect their outward appearance. From a clear face to a slimmer body, it seems beauty is something everyone strives for to some extent. While a boost in confidence is a given, there ...
Women & Food: How Diet Impacts Beauty
Posted @ 6:20pm ET on September 20, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Woman of all ages can improve the way they look by simply eating the right foods. Diet plays a huge role in beauty and can affect your appearance in several different ways. Here are a few areas where you may notice dramatic changes with the right ...
How Your Diet Affects Your Skin
Posted @ 11:51am ET on September 15, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
A summer spent out in the sun or a winter spent in the dry, cold air could wreak havoc on your skin. Dehydration, an inadequate diet, and certain medical issues could also contribute to skin that is dull, dry, or itchy. Use these four strategies to ...
6 Amazing Health Benefits of Calcium
Posted @ 6:45pm ET on September 14, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
If you grew up in America, you doubtless remember the mandatory glass of milk a day. Whether served alongside breakfast or drunk with cookies before bedtime, the drink is rightly touted as a prime source of calcium. However, your need for calcium extends ...
Best Healthy Eating Tips for First-Time Moms
Posted @ 1:30pm ET on September 14, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
When a mother is in action, she's not just operating for herself. She's thinking about her children as well. As a result, it's important for every woman to incorporate healthy habits before the babies even arrive. Consider these four tips as a new mom. ...
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