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What wacky celebrity diet and weight loss tips are in the news this week? Get the dish on the celebrity gossip and diet rumors in these celebrity-inspired diet blogs. Often a guide for what not to do, these celebrity blogs range from useful to absurd! Find out what fad diet or crazy cleanse the celebs are trying, or gain positive motivation from the celebs that are losing weight the right way - through diet and exercise!

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John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during ...

penny wise
Penny Wise is a woman who loves food, fun and family but doesn’t like spending a lot of money on any of them! Her ...

John McGran
John McGran is finally practicing what he preaches here at Diet.com. He is off to a good start with his new diet ...

Ammo’s “one body, one mind” approach has made him a top fitness professional. His experience in nutrition, rehab, ...

Kristina Maury graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2007, earning a B.A. in broadcast journalism. ...

Emily Levenson
Emily Levenson, HHC, LCSW is a Certified Health Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She empowers people to ...

Recent Expert Blogs
5 Benefits of Eating Organic Foods
Posted @ 12:25pm ET on January 15, 2018
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
The recent takeover of organic food retailer Whole Foods by Amazon is eloquent testimony to the surging popularity of organic foods. Organic agriculture is a plus for the environment because fewer herbicides, artificial fertilizers and pesticides end up ...
Diet Pills: How They're Made and Distributed
Posted @ 11:14am ET on January 12, 2018
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Humans have pursued diets for many decades. Many early humans used a variety of plants and herbs to curb their appetite and reduce their weight. In the past 200 years, some of these naturals’ appetite suppressants have been incorporated into modern ...
Diet Tricks: How to Boost Your Metabolism
Posted @ 2:03pm ET on January 10, 2018
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Metabolism is the collection of processes that occur in the body that creates energy from the food that a person eats. People with a faster metabolism are usually thinner than those with a slower metabolism. If you would like to speed up your metabolism, ...
How to Create Your Own Personalized Nutrition Plan
Posted @ 11:28am ET on January 9, 2018
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
When you’re trying to eat healthier, one of the things that you can do is make a personalized nutrition plan. There are templates online, or you can consult with a dietitian or professional meal planner to help you come create a list of the foods ...
4 Tips for Feeling Great About Your Body
Posted @ 3:57pm ET on January 8, 2018
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
Many people feed themselves a steady stream of negative self-talk throughout the day. You may subconsciously tell yourself that you look fat, old or otherwise unattractive. This can affect your confidence level and how you interact with others. Both your ...
How to Survive a Protein-Centered Diet
Posted @ 10:55am ET on December 28, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
The importance of weight management in maintaining overall health has been supported by many scientific studies. For individuals who need to lose weight to improve their heart health, joint health and other issues, finding the right diet can be a ...
What Diet is Best for Oral Health Problems?
Posted @ 5:30pm ET on December 27, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
When you are having oral health problems, it is essential to find a better diet plan. There are several types of dental problems that you can experience, but you can change your daily menus to feel better. Improve the Odor of Your Breath If you ...
How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helps Chronic Pain
Posted @ 5:02pm ET on December 19, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
If you have chronic pain, you are probably sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You’ve likely already consulted with your doctor, who might’ve already prescribed medication to ease your pain. What your doctor might not have told you is that what ...
How Your Diet Affects Your Dental Health
Posted @ 11:03am ET on December 14, 2017
Blog: The Health Advocate
By hannahwhittenly
It’s easy to make the connection between diet and bodily health. When you eat better, you look and feel better as a result. But what impact does your diet have on the health of your teeth? Many people overlook diet as a major player in dental ...
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