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Time to swim!!
posted @ 2:02pm ET on September 21, 2007
by Chelsipie

Hello everyone!!! Things still not going the greatest as far as eating goes but I will work it out! I decided since I will be getting some extra ...

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Blog: Chelsey vs. Overeating and Inactivity
posted @ 2:28pm ET on August 15, 2007
by FitnessExpertKatrina

Hi Everyone! This week we are going to go over a workout you can do while using the Bosu ball! Commonly standing for Both sides up or Both sides ...

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Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
there is still hope for today!!!!
posted @ 3:48pm ET on August 13, 2007
by cosmicgirl03

ok so today i had the day off and i had all these big plans for it and it was going 2 change my life but...... i slept in until noon and i have ...

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Blog: stephanies blog
Week 2
posted @ 5:19pm ET on July 2, 2007
by alexandria_rey

Believe it or not this is my week 2nd of dieting! I have not started writing a Blog until now. The thing that really bites about me is that I dont ...

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Blog: Starting Over
Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!
posted @ 2:59pm ET on June 28, 2007
by lil_scooter93

Hiya! SO! Guess what, here in the southwestern part of Illinois, it has be raining for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT! I am so ANGRY! All three ball games ...

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Blog: My Super Space Place
Gym Membership
posted @ 11:20pm ET on June 13, 2007
by fattyacid

I am so frustrated!! This past week, I have cut down my calories significantly and have been working out more. But I see no change in weight... why!? ...

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Blog: Fatty Fat Fatty
Featured Challenger: Another week gone
posted @ 2:45pm ET on May 20, 2007
by Kitten1481

Well its Sunday and another week has come and gone. I feel like im loosing steam :( Im not sure why b/c im doing very well and im watching what i ...

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Blog: Have a Fall Ball!
Gravity Machines Are Skyrocketing at Gyms
posted @ 11:10am ET on May 1, 2007
by DietWrite

Health club members are crowding over a new exercise machine in Saratoga, New York. The town’s YMCA is one of the 160 gyms nationwide to install ...

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Blog: Diet Write
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