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Superhero in Lycra Tights
posted @ 6:00am ET on May 23, 2011
by Ajay Rochester

Life chasing Oprah has really translated into chasing my own path, realising "A–Ha moments" along the way - following my heart and enjoying where ...

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Need Some Quick Motivation?
posted @ 9:00am ET on May 6, 2011
by Trainer Pete

Every now and then we all need some motivation. Personally I'm a huge quote guy! I love quick but meaningful quotes to get me re-energized and ...

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Be a Fitness Ambassador in Your Community !
posted @ 9:00am ET on April 27, 2011
by LisaFitness

If you are fit please sign up to be a fitness ambassador in your community and make a difference! For quite a number of years now people have been ...

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Blog: Lisa A! The Master Weight Loss Advisor
Incredible Hunk Training program
posted @ 11:00am ET on February 5, 2011
by Ajay Rochester

I was at the LA Fitness Expo last week and was fortunate enough to meet the REAL Incredible Hulk - the original - Lou Ferrigno and it reminded me of ...

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Blog: Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat ™
posted @ 4:00pm ET on January 21, 2011
by Ajay Rochester

Did you know that when you are hungry (i.e. starving hungry) you are almost incapable of making a rational decision? I call this Hunger neurosis. By ...

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Blog: Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat ™
Plan Your Weight Loss
posted @ 2:01pm ET on December 17, 2010
by Aaron Tabor, MD

Most of us that need to lose weight, no matter how much, realize it and have every intention to lose those unwanted pounds. For many of us those ...

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Keeping a journal helps you lose weight
posted @ 11:00am ET on May 12, 2010
by Diet Diva

A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education has found that knowing what motivates you, and staying motivated, is key to ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
No Rest Day in Sparta, Unbreakable Man Laws
posted @ 2:00pm ET on February 23, 2010
by Fitness Experts Whitney and Byron

Posting a recent interview for Unbreakable Man Laws. Lot of health and fitness tips for GUYS and GALS. Enjoy! No Rest Day in Sparta: Interview w/ ...

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