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Never on a Monday
posted @ 5:32pm ET on April 24, 2008
by Ruby70

I ahvn't quite started yet as i'm still not 'mentally' there the mind is willing and all that. I've seriously dieted twice in my life and lost a lot ...

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Blog: Starting all over again
Gym rats
posted @ 6:39pm ET on April 22, 2008
by Miss.J

To all those people who want to go to a gym but think the can't afford it, there are TONS of ways to get free or discounted memberships. Gyms ...

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Blog: Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.
Cracking Gym Jokes
posted @ 12:00am ET on March 28, 2008
by Lady Diet

This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of Diet.com's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast! Have you been to the gym lately? Ever since the ...

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Blog: Lady Diet
posted @ 9:34pm ET on March 4, 2008
by SweetnessInACan

So, I am pretty excited. I sent an e-mail out to various gyms in my surrounding area, scoping out ones I could go to where people from school ...

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Blog: A World Out Of Time.
Sick of The Crowds At The Gym Yet?
posted @ 12:04pm ET on January 9, 2008
by Diet Diva

I write this article with hesitation. Some of you will agree with me. Some of you will probably ask, "Aren't you suppose to be promoting healthy ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
I am back from half way across the globe!!
posted @ 1:49pm ET on November 6, 2007
by dalyceh

I got so busy before I left to log on and say a brief good bye to everyone and the internet in Syria is still dial up and insanely slow, thus I did ...

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Blog: Dalyce's Diet Blog
Great day!
posted @ 10:41am ET on October 8, 2007
by shesang

Good morning! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a great day! Had a wonderful weekend despite a little brain torment last night. As ...

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Blog: Food for thought
posted @ 10:21am ET on September 27, 2007
by ttulsa

Ok, I need some opinions on this. Im considering changing gyms since I've recently moved. I visisted one yesterday that is a bit more expensive ...

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Blog: Getting Serious!!
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