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Weight Watchers
posted @ 2:42pm ET on March 10, 2007
by lanenkae

So I've decided to try weight watchers. It really sounds a lot worse than it is. It's funny because you think it would feel controlling putting ...

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Blog: The Start of Anew Year
oh no..
posted @ 9:39pm ET on March 8, 2007
by xxbadkitty666

Well today was going great at first. I decided to eat a higher points breakfast of 2tbsp peanut butter on a small apple with a glass of milk, and had ...

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Blog: Loss Blog
Weigh Day 1
posted @ 4:16pm ET on March 7, 2007
by xxbadkitty666

Well this is the second meeting day of Weight Watchers for me, which means the first weigh-in after joining. I weigh in in about an hour and a half, ...

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Blog: Loss Blog
Lower Your Insurance with a Healthy BMI
posted @ 11:21am ET on March 1, 2007
by DietWrite

A company in the U.S. is giving customers a new source of motivation to stay fit by lowering the cost of life insurance rates to clients who maintain ...

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Blog: Diet Write
Slimming Soup?
posted @ 12:00am ET on January 26, 2007
by ShaunaS

Sit Down to a Warm Bowl of Soup! https://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16775715/ This article brings up many good points about the benefits of a healthy ...

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Blog: Nutrition Express
Golden Globes, plus Tom Brady Gossip!
posted @ 12:11pm ET on January 17, 2007
by Diet Diva

Ok, for today’s blog, I have just too many thoughts on my mind to focus on one topic. First, the golden globes were full of pretty dresses, ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
posted @ 11:45pm ET on January 12, 2007
by desireemars

Here is my to-do list: 1. Get a better full-time, weekday job. 2. Get a better weekend gig. 3. Lose 110 pounds. 4. Exercise every day. 5. Spend ...

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Blog: Desiree's New Life
Rosie-Donald Feud Hits Home For Plus-Size
posted @ 10:32am ET on January 10, 2007
by Diet Diva

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you are probably one of the very few people who are not sick of the Rosie-Donald Wars going ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
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