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posted @ 12:08pm ET on May 16, 2007
by ttulsa

My boyfriend were talking about this last night. Whether all calories are created equal? If you eat 500 calories of lettuce is it the same as 500 ...

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Blog: Getting Serious!!
1st video as a Diet.com Weight Loss Challenge
posted @ 12:42am ET on May 2, 2007
by NickSchmidt

Check out my 1st video as a Diet.com Weight Loss Featured Challenger. Well this week is the first week of the challenge to lose weight. ...

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Blog: Nick's Diet.com Weight Loss Challenge Vlog
waist hip ration measurements
posted @ 7:14pm ET on February 25, 2007
by Dyluna64

In one book.. The abs diet.. It claims that the hip/waist ratio is more important than the BMI number due to the fat this measures the amount of ...

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Blog: Dianes Diet
Exercise Mind-Set
posted @ 12:00am ET on February 16, 2007
by DrDiet

A new study by Harvard researchers had some surprising results. People who think they’re getting a good workout obtain more benefits than those who ...

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Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
Weigh and Measure Day
posted @ 9:11am ET on February 2, 2007
by NinaJo

My weigh day is on Fridays, and I suppose to measure once a month. I haven't measured in 3 months. Today was the day, I am happy to report I lost 5 ...

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Blog: One Year Down!!
posted @ 9:22pm ET on January 5, 2007
by forgetful_katrina

I've been doing alright in the diet department. I've eliminated a lot of empty carbs (except the Mountain Dew). I've really increased my veggie ...

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Blog: Katrina's Attempts to Focus
Setting my fitness goals
posted @ 5:56pm ET on December 27, 2006
by forgetful_katrina

I have a history of crashing & burning with my exercise routines. And with every year I have become more tender and have additional physical ...

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Blog: Katrina's Attempts to Focus
Janet Jackson's Abs, Real or Fake?
posted @ 4:48pm ET on December 18, 2006
by Diet Diva

Janet Jackson is known for causing quite the stir. There was nipple-gate, then her weight ballooned before she slimmed down drastically and now she ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
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