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Exercise Mind-Set
posted @ 12:00am ET on February 16, 2007
by DrDiet

A new study by Harvard researchers had some surprising results. People who think they’re getting a good workout obtain more benefits than those who ...

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Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
Weigh and Measure Day
posted @ 9:11am ET on February 2, 2007
by NinaJo

My weigh day is on Fridays, and I suppose to measure once a month. I haven't measured in 3 months. Today was the day, I am happy to report I lost 5 ...

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Blog: One Year Down!!
posted @ 9:22pm ET on January 5, 2007
by forgetful_katrina

I've been doing alright in the diet department. I've eliminated a lot of empty carbs (except the Mountain Dew). I've really increased my veggie ...

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Blog: Katrina's Attempts to Focus
Setting my fitness goals
posted @ 5:56pm ET on December 27, 2006
by forgetful_katrina

I have a history of crashing & burning with my exercise routines. And with every year I have become more tender and have additional physical ...

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Blog: Katrina's Attempts to Focus
Janet Jackson's Abs, Real or Fake?
posted @ 4:48pm ET on December 18, 2006
by Diet Diva

Janet Jackson is known for causing quite the stir. There was nipple-gate, then her weight ballooned before she slimmed down drastically and now she ...

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Blog: Celebrities and Diet
The scale Can be our Friend :)
posted @ 12:30pm ET on November 3, 2006
by jjbean

Sometimes I think the scale is really crappy! But then, when I step on it and have lost-I think it actually is such great motivation to keep going ...

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Blog: JJ's
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