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New starts with new thoughts
posted @ 9:18pm ET on October 16, 2006
by gwen02

As I start this journey I realize that this isn't about dieting and weight loss but about changing my thoughts and practices about food and exercise. ...

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Blog: Gwen's journey to health
Featured Challenger
posted @ 3:51pm ET on October 16, 2006
by Dilligaf30

I have always been a "heavy girl"... been stuck with the nickname "Bubble Butt" (Which my father gave me when I was 4 if my mind does not fail me ...

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Blog: Featured Challenger
No More Diets!. . . sort of
posted @ 9:02pm ET on October 15, 2006
by Ljanine

You hear it all the time, right? It's not about dieting, it's about making healthy eating a lifestyle. It's not supposed to be a means to an end, ...

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Blog: A Million Second Chances
The reluctant dieter
posted @ 9:53am ET on October 15, 2006
by triciar98

So, here it is. I've lost 30+ pounds twice and gained a good bit of that back twice. I called those losses "success". I still do. I know how to ...

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Blog: The Reluctant Dieter
Featured Challenger
posted @ 7:28pm ET on October 14, 2006
by steffeysue

Ironically, On the first day of the last challenge, July 17th, I began training for a 20K. And this week, the start of a new challenge, I get to ...

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Blog: Thoughts by Steff
The trip to McDonald's that didn't ruin my diet
posted @ 1:57pm ET on October 8, 2006
by glitches

Last night my friends and I went out to a party and of course with college kids that means there was plenty of beer and alcohol and bad food. What ...

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Blog: glitches
posted @ 2:58pm ET on September 25, 2006
by LesMoo

You hear that? That's my biological clock and it's beating like crazy. When I was younger I'd always laugh when women in the movies or on TV ...

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Blog: LesMoo's Blog
posted @ 8:46pm ET on September 19, 2006
by glitches

The weight loss struggles of a 21 year old college student trying to get the body she knows she was born to ROCK. :)

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Blog: glitches
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