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Finally--a post!
posted @ 11:17pm ET on February 7, 2010
by dizz15926

Hi there friends and fellow hard workers :) Gosh I feel like it's been way too long since I've posted a blog! I like to post when I weigh-in on ...

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Blog: Kaylie's Blog
Kickin It In The Gym
posted @ 1:52pm ET on January 13, 2010
by EmmmilyRl

I had a great night last night! I got a great workout when I hit the gym. The whole workout was great! With just one setback, I was the only girl ...

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Blog: Emily
It's Working Out (then again - not so much ...)
posted @ 8:41am ET on July 27, 2009
by emaji

Since I came back from my three week vacation, where I surprisingly didn't gain any weight, I took the plunge and got myself a fitness pass at a ...

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Blog: Operation Fit
Day 1 - A miserable failure
posted @ 12:10am ET on July 3, 2009
by DietMe87

Day 1. You would think that on the first day, I'd do my best. NOPE! Did not happen. Last night, when I went to sleep, I set my alarm clock to ...

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Blog: Creaing Myself
Exercise Secrets To Maximize Fat Loss
posted @ 7:00am ET on May 25, 2009
by JohnMc

Last year, weight loss guru Wendy Chant helped millions of us crack the fat loss code. Now, she's back and on a mission to help us conquer our extra ...

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Blog: Weekly Diet News Digest
Don't you just hate waiting? Argh!
posted @ 7:25pm ET on February 18, 2009
by atwistedlime

Ok so last week I spent several days researching the gyms near my house. I live in the boondocks and the closest 24 hour fitness is 35+ minutes away. ...

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Blog: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!
All-Female Gym Hours: Fair Or Foul?
posted @ 8:00am ET on February 10, 2009
by CollegeFitnessGoddess

I’ll be the first to admit, my gym’s testosterone-laden weight area is a bit intimidating and before I started personal training sessions, I’d ...

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Blog: Fitness U.
Time for a Reboot
posted @ 3:57pm ET on February 9, 2009
by atwistedlime

I have been sick pretty much every couple of months. My doctor is testing me for mono again to see if my spleen is causing more problems with my ...

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Blog: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!
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