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My First Blog...
posted @ 6:23pm ET on August 22, 2006
by Hjs33

Hi all! This is my first blog, so I apologize if I do something wrong here. I just wanted to see how many folks in the West Bloomfield, MI area are ...

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Blog: Hjs33's Diet Blog
My time
posted @ 5:05pm ET on August 22, 2006
by Craigssunshine

For a baby...

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What a day.
posted @ 5:01pm ET on August 22, 2006
by aiming

Diet trivia

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succumbing to temptation - again
posted @ 4:04pm ET on August 22, 2006
by lisadray

Of all the treacherous little foods in all the groceries and shops, he had to pick out cookies and bring them into the house....

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Karen's Journey . . .
posted @ 3:51pm ET on August 22, 2006
by karen1123

Totally cool place for me to get it all out!!

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Blog: Karen's Journey
Losing Weight
posted @ 3:22pm ET on August 22, 2006
by crazedmomof3

Middle Sag..likes to be noticed

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet
posted @ 3:04pm ET on August 22, 2006
by BigFloridaRay

This blog describes foods that tend to be anti-inflammatory in nature and help us to feel better with less aches and pains throughout our body.

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All the help I can get.!!
posted @ 2:30pm ET on August 22, 2006
by unitedrn

Well I have no more excuses left in the excuses bank. I weighed in at 120 pounds 5'6" when I graduated high school. I gained about 10-15 pounds in ...

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