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Fae's Diet (normally)
posted @ 5:52am ET on August 26, 2006
by faerierain

:) Following in nicevan's footsteps I think I'll post a review of what I eat during most days :D

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Stopping the Cycle : Depression & Gaining
posted @ 8:30pm ET on August 25, 2006
by frazzledmom1968

Working at breaking the cycle that has plagued my life: Depression has ALWAYS equalled Weight Gain. NOT THIS TIME !!!!!

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The Last Ten Steps
posted @ 3:48pm ET on August 25, 2006
by mayfair

My goal is to be 110 (at 5'3'') by Halloween. I came down from 165 to 128, but these last twenty pounds are proving to be very difficult to lose, and I've been yo-yoing from 115 and up to 133. I will reach my goal.

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Daily Food Intake
posted @ 11:00am ET on August 25, 2006
by Nicevans

A lot of people have asked me about what I eat daily! And well, I know I always leave stuff out, so I'm just gonna post it here! So I can always refer to it!

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Husbands are such a diet hazzard!
posted @ 9:18am ET on August 25, 2006
by jenifa75

My husband had the great idea to take the kids out for one last outting before school starts. Sounded great. He wanted to go bowling which the kids ...

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Blog: My Thoughts, take 'em or leave 'em
posted @ 11:47pm ET on August 24, 2006
by xealis

i'm stuck on a plateau and nothing is happening i'm pretty sure i'm stuck forever at my weight the pounds need to drop off. i'm seriously ...

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Tired of Being Overweight
posted @ 10:05am ET on August 24, 2006
by dmluv

Tired of Being Overweight -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm tired of being overweight. I ...

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depressed about this weight
posted @ 9:15am ET on August 24, 2006
by alma60

i have tried to get gastric bypass 3 times and they denied me.So i have tried on my own to lose this weight.i am a 100 pounds over weight.I have diabetes .It seems i can get started but end the diet after a month...any ideals..help..alma

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