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Small Changes
posted @ 2:36pm ET on August 28, 2006
by IamDanni

I think that slow, steady weight loss gives us the best chance of keeping the weight off, so I plan to make small changes to my lifestyle that I can live with permanently!

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Blog: My New Life in Taiwan
Winning th e battle!
posted @ 1:46pm ET on August 28, 2006
by lynnie808

Exercise is really helping me win the battle.

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Reminding Myself Who I Am
posted @ 10:59pm ET on August 27, 2006
by ptypopsicl

My weight defines my identity more in my own mind than in the minds of others.

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Blog: Off Topic, but On My Mind
A Good Day is Nice to Find
posted @ 8:21pm ET on August 27, 2006
by lifematters

Today was a very good day. Food has been easy and for that I'm grateful. I'm rested and ready for the week. My house is not perfect but that's ok. ...

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Blog: Life Matters
This Time, I Believe.
posted @ 12:36pm ET on August 27, 2006
by lifematters

I believe that this time, I will succeed. I believe my body was created to move & I will not disappoint it. I believe in healthy eating not deprivation. I believe in the power of community. I believe life was meant to be lived, really lived.

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Blog: Life Matters
Nan's Travail's
posted @ 6:36am ET on August 27, 2006
by Gram67

The trouble with getting older is it is harder to lose weight..especially when you begin to have cholesterol problems..

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Amanda's Blog
posted @ 1:52am ET on August 27, 2006
by mumof2

Diary of my Diet and Exercise

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Ongoing Battle
posted @ 7:59pm ET on August 26, 2006
by 4runner

I like to write my thoughts in a journal but decided to share with others, it might help to get some ideas from other people.

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