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To Settle or Not to Settle. That is the question.
posted @ 1:30am ET on September 25, 2006
by lifematters

Aesthetics are very important to me. When it comes to my surroundings, I don't settle. My home is decorated just the way I like it. My office is ...

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Blog: Life Matters
a long dreaded weekend
posted @ 3:46pm ET on September 17, 2006
by jfasuloj

considering my days and nights being mixed up to begin with makes things a whole lot difficult, i work overnights, and having 5 children takes a lot to get used to. trying to fit myself and "my needs" in is a whole different ball game.

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Blog: just my thoughts, to get me threw
6 days later....
posted @ 8:53am ET on September 12, 2006
by jfasuloj

my first day i tracked what i ate.. wow do calories add up fast, i was up to 1100 in no time and was amazed that i only ate half if that then what i ...

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Blog: just my thoughts, to get me threw
mt first day
posted @ 6:52am ET on September 6, 2006
by jfasuloj

i've never been "small" unlike a lot of my friends i don't ever remember being a size 4 but for more than half of my life i have been "big". i've ...

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Blog: just my thoughts, to get me threw
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