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posted @ 11:41am ET on November 16, 2017
by mullerlukacs208@gmail.com

Detailed Itinerary: We will take you to know Choquequirao trek, an Inca magical city located in the South East of the city of Cusco, between the ...

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Blog: Technology
Lost a stone now...just had an operation also.
posted @ 1:34pm ET on October 22, 2017
by Sekmet

so far Ive lost a stone....slowly but surely.

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Blog: Me Blog n that
That is alllol
posted @ 5:26pm ET on May 22, 2015
by SheilaMi

I.. Broke 190 !!!! Checked it out today...and I'm sitting at 189.3 !!!!! That is all :-) thank you :-)

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Blog: Bring it on...
Eyes open...Positive changes...
posted @ 8:00pm ET on April 5, 2015
by SheilaMi

Well, I still dont log in often lol, got irritated with my phone when trying to post here :( So.. I'm holding still between 193 and 204 :( ...

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Blog: Bring it on...
Time fly's by.... wow...
posted @ 9:16pm ET on February 23, 2015
by SheilaMi

Well, it has been 6months... Just about 7.. Since my last posting from what I see. I am still around 197-193 depending on many things... However... ...

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Blog: Bring it on...
Another step forward... or at least another month
posted @ 6:53pm ET on August 7, 2014
by SheilaMi

Well... I looked lol, I did post a blog last wednesday..daytime ;) and while I think I tend to ramble and rant and I know I complain ( A LOT!!!) ...

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Blog: Bring it on...
Absent... but keeping busy
posted @ 3:50pm ET on July 30, 2014
by SheilaMi

Well.. it's been a while since my last post.. still not online much, but oh well..... Finally hit 194... was going between 194 and 204 until last ...

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Blog: Bring it on...
~ Summer Time ~
posted @ 6:53pm ET on June 19, 2014
by SheilaMi

Sporadic times of getting online lol ;) I am working on finding a before/current pic, so maybe soon? Right now I'm kind of in a ditch.. but hey.. ...

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Blog: Bring it on...
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