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I Need a Diet Buddy
posted @ 11:35pm ET on October 23, 2006
by amcd40

I have been losing weight but lately I am at a stand still. Long time ago I was on a diet and had an online diet buddy which really helped me. I ...

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Blog: My Forever Life Change
so sad
posted @ 1:03pm ET on October 23, 2006
by buggybabe

i just want to say thank you to every one who has been there and emailing me so much support im so glad i found this diet place and found every one ...

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Blog: buggybabe
I'm new here
posted @ 5:11pm ET on October 22, 2006
by codysnana

A friend sent me a link to this site, so I thought what the heck I'll check it out. I already belong to one group with buddies we post, and offer ...

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Challenge #2 - Week #1
posted @ 1:28pm ET on October 18, 2006
by PepperPatti

I am so excited that Diet.com is starting another weight loss challenge. I lost 10 pounds during the first challenge and feel healthier and more ...

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Blog: Back On Track Challenge
Boot Camp.. Day 3... The Guilt
posted @ 9:23am ET on October 18, 2006
by angeldlynn

Boot camp Day 1: This is not too bad. I can do this. This does not hurt at all!!!! Boot camp Day 2: A little sore but not nearly as bad as I ...

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Blog: Journey to Fitness
Featured Challenger
posted @ 7:28pm ET on October 14, 2006
by steffeysue

Ironically, On the first day of the last challenge, July 17th, I began training for a 20K. And this week, the start of a new challenge, I get to ...

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Blog: Thoughts by Steff
Back to Abnormal
posted @ 8:29pm ET on October 12, 2006
by lifematters

Today was my first day back home after vacation out of town. Food is so much easier to manage at home than away. I'm very happy to report that it ...

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Blog: Life Matters
posted @ 4:42pm ET on September 27, 2006
by vabeach

I'm new to the program and an emotional eater. I am very inspired by some of the postings. Look forward to helpful tips and encouragement.

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