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So Far So Good
posted @ 6:11am ET on January 5, 2007
by desireemars

I may have just discovered the key to losing my weight. It has worked for two days so far, which is a miracle. Day one - January 3rd, I didn't ...

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Blog: Desiree's New Life
Getting Started... Again.
posted @ 4:09pm ET on January 3, 2007
by JaimeH

So, of course I am one of the many who decided that I would get started on my weight loss after the new year. My new year's resolution was to do ...

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Blog: My end to yo-yo dieting
Day Three
posted @ 6:58pm ET on January 2, 2007
by desireemars

I realize that my goal for the New Year is setting me up for failure, at best. I think it might be best to set mini mini goals each day. That way I ...

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Blog: Desiree's New Life
Up Jobhunting Tonight
posted @ 10:53pm ET on December 22, 2006
by desireemars

My day at work today was ok because the retard was not there, nor was the VP. It was quiet and peaceful - just women around, and no one ...

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Blog: Desiree's New Life
Down to 241.5
posted @ 9:03pm ET on December 19, 2006
by desireemars

I could not believe I was 241.5 this morning. I dropped 3 pounds in one day - obviously most of it water. Still, it was so encouraging, because ...

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Blog: Desiree's New Life
Winter Weight Management!
posted @ 10:26am ET on December 12, 2006
by ShaunaS

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are the most difficult times of the year to maintain your weight and stick with a healthy diet. Many ...

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Blog: Nutrition Express
Holiday Survival Guide
posted @ 12:00am ET on November 30, 2006
by ShaunaS

Gear Up! 10 Tips you can use now and later! It’s time to start thinking about your goals and obstacles this holiday season. Use the following ...

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Blog: Nutrition Express
Thanksgiving Day
posted @ 8:01pm ET on November 26, 2006
by cecep31

I thought I would lose all self control during the Thanksgiving holidays but I'm happy to say I didn't, in fact I lost the 2lbs. I was aiming for. It ...

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Blog: Time for a change
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