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Winter Weight Management!
posted @ 10:26am ET on December 12, 2006
by ShaunaS

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are the most difficult times of the year to maintain your weight and stick with a healthy diet. Many ...

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Holiday Survival Guide
posted @ 12:00am ET on November 30, 2006
by ShaunaS

Gear Up! 10 Tips you can use now and later! It’s time to start thinking about your goals and obstacles this holiday season. Use the following ...

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Thanksgiving Day
posted @ 8:01pm ET on November 26, 2006
by cecep31

I thought I would lose all self control during the Thanksgiving holidays but I'm happy to say I didn't, in fact I lost the 2lbs. I was aiming for. It ...

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Blog: Time for a change
Why here?
posted @ 3:40pm ET on November 20, 2006
by cee1127

I feel very bad because a couple of weeks ago I got sick, and didn't do much for a few days. Then those few days became a whole week etc etc. for ...

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Blog: Motivation?! What!? Where!?
Day 1
posted @ 12:59pm ET on November 14, 2006
by jmari01

November 14, 2006 Day 1 of many I'm guessing. I'm setting my weight loss goals for me and my family. At my weight; I cannot add on another ...

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Blog: Jessica's Life Changing Decision
Sugar Attack!
posted @ 7:53pm ET on November 6, 2006
by ShaunaS

Do you know how much sugar is lurking in your favorite beverages or your children's favorite beverages? Take a look and be prepared to gasp! 16 ...

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Challenge - Day 1
posted @ 7:09pm ET on October 16, 2006
by lifematters

Day 1 of the challenge and it was a good day. I am supremely motivated. Did I just say supremely? I never say supremely. Do you know how much ...

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Blog: Life Matters
The trip to McDonald's that didn't ruin my diet
posted @ 1:57pm ET on October 8, 2006
by glitches

Last night my friends and I went out to a party and of course with college kids that means there was plenty of beer and alcohol and bad food. What ...

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Blog: glitches
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