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Woohoo again....
posted @ 4:40pm ET on February 6, 2007
by chrissy75

Well, it wasn't that cold out today and I knew hubby would be working a different time frame, so I either try to get a ride home with a co worker or ...

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Blog: P90X Journey
posted @ 8:57am ET on February 2, 2007
by Kitten1481

Its friday. Its all snowy outside again. Ive been up all night working and im pooped. I have too much to do and not enough time to get it done in. Im ...

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Blog: Have a Fall Ball!
How Do You Compare?
posted @ 12:00am ET on February 2, 2007
by DrDiet

A poll reveals the eating and exercise habits and general healthy lifestyle outlook of 1072 adults across the country. Take a look to see how you ...

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Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
posted @ 4:09am ET on January 30, 2007
by nightowl2780

This past week I haven't been too good... I admit it!!! lol I keep trying to get myself back to my good eating habits but some days I really don't ...

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Blog: Lisa's Adventures In Exercising...
Worst day?
posted @ 6:20pm ET on January 23, 2007
by sharingweight

These past few days have felt like Heck. And then, I remembered, It's nothing compared to lung cancer. It's nothing compared to a four year old ...

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Blog: Getting Healthy
Emotional Eating
posted @ 10:59am ET on January 20, 2007
by sharingweight

Emotional eating goes by many different names. I prefer to call myself a stress-binge-eater, not an emotional-binge-eater, but emotions and stress ...

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Blog: Getting Healthy
posted @ 6:10am ET on January 15, 2007
by nightowl2780

Lately I have been feeling really good. Exercise seems to give me a better outlook on life. I am happier, feel satisfied on less food, I am finally ...

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Blog: Lisa's Adventures In Exercising...
Featured Challenger - New You 2007
posted @ 10:58pm ET on January 8, 2007
by boots_scootn_gal

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be a featured blogger for the 2007 New You Challenge. I am a virgin at this so it should be very interesting and ...

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Blog: Featured Challenger - New You Challenge 2007
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