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What your friend may not tell you about menopause
posted @ 3:35am ET on July 11, 2018
by mullerlukacs208@gmail.com

What your friend may not tell you about menopause As young ladies, we often dread that time of the month when pre-menstrual syndrome kicks in. ...

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Blog: Technology
4 Strategies for Radical Dietary Change
posted @ 3:24pm ET on June 26, 2018
by hannahwhittenly

People who want to change their diet radically often have two reasons. First, their doctor told them they need to shape up because their health is ...

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Blog: The Health Advocate
The 5 Best Nutrition Apps
posted @ 2:45pm ET on March 12, 2018
by ivanserranogsm

A new year nudges you to do something new, or different, pick a new habit or drop a bad habit. For most people around the globe, getting fit is on ...

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Blog: Kim Baker's Health and Wellness Blog
How to Establish the Right Nutrition Plan For You
posted @ 7:09pm ET on February 6, 2018
by hannahwhittenly

You truly are what you eat. If you are taking part in a proper diet, you are going to feel good in the long-term. Not only will you be in better ...

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Blog: The Health Advocate
4 Tips for Feeling Great About Your Body
posted @ 3:57pm ET on January 8, 2018
by hannahwhittenly

Many people feed themselves a steady stream of negative self-talk throughout the day. You may subconsciously tell yourself that you look fat, old ...

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Blog: The Health Advocate
How to Survive a Protein-Centered Diet
posted @ 10:55am ET on December 28, 2017
by hannahwhittenly

The importance of weight management in maintaining overall health has been supported by many scientific studies. For individuals who need to lose ...

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Blog: The Health Advocate
3 Ways to Stick To Your Meal Plan When Eating Out
posted @ 10:32am ET on September 21, 2017
by emmasturgis

By Emma Sturgis Have you been working out and eating in moderation in order to stay fit? If so, the last thing you want to do is mess up your ...

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Blog: Emma Sturgis
Purpose and Power Through Improved Health
posted @ 12:00am ET on June 28, 2017
by hannahwhittenly

No matter how much money you have or how many physical possessions that you have, life is meaningless without your health. When you are healthy, ...

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Blog: The Health Advocate
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