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Stress Busters for a Healthy Mind and Body
posted @ 6:00am ET on September 14, 2015
by Arielle Novak

Stress can wreak havoc on your mental and physical state. Sometimes we can go on for days or even weeks not realizing that our stress levels are too ...

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Blog: Arielle's Fitness Blog
Simple Ways To Get More Active
posted @ 6:00am ET on August 17, 2015
by Donna DeCunzo-Taddeo

Do you often feel like you'd rather eat rabbit food for the rest of your life than to be tortured by that activity referred to as exercise? My ...

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Blog: Cheers To Your Health!
Which Yoga Class is Right for You?
posted @ 10:00am ET on February 3, 2014
by Arielle Novak

Finding the right yoga class can seem daunting at first, but with these simple tips you will be well on your path to discovering a great match for ...

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Blog: Arielle's Fitness Blog
Been so much MIA!
posted @ 11:49am ET on April 18, 2013
by CarryV

Yikes! My last blog post on here was back in early March! Ermergerd! Life has just been crazy. I started looking for a job to take the place of Food ...

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Blog: My Journey
Great news!!!
posted @ 5:54pm ET on April 2, 2013
by Mrs~B££

I decided to go to my Doctor to talk about my weight. This entire time we've had a weight loss program on base. I was shocked to hear this. I showed ...

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Blog: Brittany's Weight Loss Journey
Staying on track.
posted @ 11:38am ET on January 23, 2013
by bamstout

I forgot that I found so many great ideas reading others blogs. I have decided to also give up one unhealthy thing a week. I haven't done it so far ...

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Blog: Amber's Tell All
Won a one month's free gym membership,yay!
posted @ 8:30pm ET on June 6, 2012
by anna2943

Hey guys, Guess what:) I collected a flyer from a promoter for a one weeks free pass to one of the best gyms in Toronto while walking down the ...

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Blog: Let ' working out' never get boring
Massage to relax
posted @ 7:13pm ET on June 4, 2012
by anna2943

Hi Guys, After a long time I got a chance to be in China Town this morning.There is a huge store called Blue Banana that I wanted to check out ...

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Blog: Let ' working out' never get boring
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