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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:26 pm    Post subject: Egg on my face.... Reply with quote

I have recently learned that I am allergic to eggs. Ugh. *cry*

Since I cleared out the eggs from my system, my allergic reaction is sooo much stronger now. My face swells up, my body bloats, and I feel "icky" and "tired" and "unpure".

When the eggs had cleared out, I could see more of a face bone structure, my cheeks didn't get bit and didn't press up against my teeth internally, my stomach had trimmed down, and I felt sooooo much lighter and purer than before! It was like "WOW -- how could I have missed feeling like this????"

Ya know, one of those "duh" moments. But then I realized, I have eaten eggs pretty much my whole life. So this clean, light feeling was unknown before.

Knowing ALL of this -- with and without egg -- I am struggling to really give up all eggs! Oh, eating plain eggs is no problem. I get so sick to my stomach and my tummy hurts so bad when I eat eggs.

The hard part is reading labels.

Cooked eggs (like in a pizza crust) and in cookies - ow.

To throw a wrench into things, my nurse friend said that I am probably allergic to just the yokes, not the egg whites. I have in the past cooked with just egg whites. I like do I find out if I can eat just the whites?

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with egg allergy? And no, I am not likely to grow out of it.

At the same time, I have given up butter. Never did the margarine stuff.

Help? Knowledge? Suggestions? But please, no egg yokes! Laughing

In for a "Penny", out for a pound!
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