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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:59 pm    Post subject: McDonalds 4 year old food video... Reply with quote

I will be honest at first blush to any layman watching this video, it would seem like they are making some good points. What is not realized is that the points are rather dubious in nature.I have not yet watched the whole video to be honest... because as soon as she touted Oprah, I shut it off.Oprah is the queen of woo and for that reason anything that is touted by her needs a real critical look. I can get the gist of what this lady was driving at, McDonalds bad natural good. That falls under the naturalistic fallacy.All food has come from a natural source so to say one is better or more healthful, based on their flawed logic is silly.To continue...they compared a fresh cut potato to a deep fried, salted french fry. Ding ding...shouldn't their alarm bells go off right there...obviously not. Given the right circumstances(dry, lack of moisture) any cooked french fry that was covered with salt would do the same thing not JUST a McDonalds one.A raw potato is wet with mosture that is why it turned black...decomposition. Going against Mcd's is's because it's a big company and it's easy to poke doesn't fight back. Salt was used in Egypt for mummification processes BECAUSE it helps prevent rot and fights off moisture. That is why they used it. That is why salt can make a fresh piece of steak dry out. That is why when making tzatziki you cover the cucumber in salt first to take out the water. The food at McD's is all REAL food from real potatoes and real beef from real cows. The processes are different(probably more salt than we would like) than a burger we may make at home but essentially they are the friggin same.She keeps it in a lunch box which seals out moisture...of course there is no mold...mold comes from moisture...the bun dried out because guessed moisture. That is... why if you slice a piece of bread and leave it on the counter it will dry out! now leave it on the counter exposed to say...water it will get moldy!I wanted to leave a comment about what I am saying to you about the video but strangely comments to it have been blocked!
Critical thinking about food people...don't believe all you hear on Oprah and Dr.Oz.
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