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While on VACation during the last 9 days, I finaly "made the time" and read a few books (during a "rainy day" event). During this day, I read a children's Ghost book (with large print - that my weaker "older age" eyes loved) and I started reading a book called "Living the Good Life" (by David Patchell-Evans) book. I completed a few initial chapters and ran out of available time. I liked this book so much, I obtained the book for myself (to read its remaining chapters at home).

Unlike other "Health & Fitness" books, this book was written from David's personal and professional experience - starting at age 19 / after his near fatal motorcycle accident. And, this book focuses on "balance". Balance of the body, balance of the mind and balance of the soul. It also explains body types (like fat, thin and natural muscle shapes) and how someone can look great but be "un fit" and how someone can look unhealthy and their inner body is as fit as a professional athlete. Each body is unique and thus, you (the reader) must decide when "enough is enough" FOR YOU (based on variety of different factors).

Like many Diabetec T2s, I exercise after each meal. I "do it" because I must keep my BG numbers lower. For the last 18 months, this fuel has been my main passion. Gotta drive those high BG numbers down a few more points. While reading a few chapters of this book, I realized that perhaps high amounts of exercise isn't about "that unwritten promise I made to my doctor last Feb '08". The purpose of exercise is reaching "the optiminal balance" in my life (based on current factors in my life today). A balance that is much bigger then "a number" on a BG meter tool, a body weight / BMI index numbers or even a BP improvement number. The purpose of exercising "every day" should really be about allowing my mind to "de-stress", its about the "soul searching time" and its about giving my body what it really wants. re: A balance of both mind, soul and physical use. Exercise (more importantly "a fitness lifestyle") shouldn't be about medical tool numbers. A Fitness Lifestyle should be about reaching that optimal balance - that's right for you (and only you). Very hard to explain the main theme of this book but its the simular feeling I got this morning - during my 2 mile jog after breakfast. I'm jogging down a paved road, not a vehicle in sight or within hearing distance, I enjoy the strong wind pushing on my back, I hear the lake water splashing along the shore line (only 25 feet from the left of me), I hear the steady and comfortable pattern of my running shoes hitting the smooth pavement and I'm thinking to myself. "This is what its all about! This is the feeling that makes me want to jog forever. How lucky I am to be above the ground - not under it. At this moment in time, I feel so strong & free, I could almost fly". That "mind space" that one has to feel for themselves to truely understand.

If you are interested in reading a book about "balance" of mind, soul and the physical body and gaining higher knowledge "above the medical tool numbers", I'd recommend reading a book called "Living the Good Life" (by David Patchell-Evans) book. re: http://www.goodlifefitness.com/book.aspx

Do you have any good books to recommend to others???? Just wondering...

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