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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:54 pm    Post subject: Started in June... still going! Reply with quote

When I started this whole diet thing back in June I was in the upper 170s/low 180s. I don't remember which. But since then I've knocked it down to around 160. My goal is 135. My original timeline was to be 135 at Christmas. ... I'm starting to think that now that might be a tad unreasonable. If I could get to 145 by January in time for auditions for ASU's theatre department that would be super. If I can be 135 by summer, that would be awesome!

I'm setting rather long-term goals for two reasons:
1- Because I'm a college student I can't always eat as healthy as I would like. I got paid today and tomorrow I'm going to try new eating habits (detailed below) to see if that helps since I'm a typical "meal skipper" due to my lack of money/food and my busy schedule.
2- If I reach any of my goals early... it's a nice lil perk/confidence booster Smile

My new eating habits will be as follows:

Breakfast: a yogurt and a piece of fruit (either a banana or an apple with peanut butter)

Snack: almonds or a granola bar

Lunch: salad (currently I have fresh baby spinach, baby carrots, fresh mushrooms and raisins... no dressing)

Snack: almonds or a granola bar

Dinner: Some sort of legit meal... currently I've made a quesadilla casserole that'll last me probably 4-5 days... I'm all about making casseroles because they'll last me a while and I won't have to actually cook on my really busy days.

I'm going to try and be more gung-ho about my eating curfew and not eating after 10pm. It used to be 9pm but I don't get out of rehearsals currently until 9:30 and sometimes when I get home... I'm a bit peckish.

I really hope that this will help out. I feel like I exercise all the time (an hour in the gym every morning Monday - Friday... 30 minutes on an elliptical and 30 minutes on a treadmill) and on Monday/Wednesday/Friday I try to do the Zumba sculpt and tone dvd for at least 30 minutes if not the whole dvd. I've been plateauing a lot lately around the 160 area, mostly because I've been skipping meals and eating mostly pasta because it's what's cheap. So hopefully actually eating more, and more healthy things, will help kick start my weight loss once again!

So basically I'm giving myself until January (about 2.5 months) to lose 15 pounds... and giving myself until around April or May to be at my goal of 135... which is 25 pounds lighter than I currently am.

So..... lets see how this goes....
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