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PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:34 am    Post subject: Do perform previous exercises as well... Reply with quote


Just a little "friendly reminder" to others...

The weather in my woods tonight wasn't the most comfortable. Instead of performing a 4 mile walk before bed (like I usually do), I decided to perform my indoor TM exercise instead. Simple 38 minutes at 3.4 mph with 4% incline - while waving 3 lbs hand weights in each hand. Very simple exercise - compared to my last winter's 3.4 to 4.5 mph with 6% incline for 45 minutes at 5 minute blasting. For tonight, I thought simple 38 minutes would be easy. To my surprise, my body "fatiqued out" at its 25 minute mark. I had to shut down my TM with 10 minutes remaining on its clock. Either that or risk going too far past my body's comfort zone. Man, I still cannot believe my body (that jogs 4 miles every 3 days) "limped out" on this machine - on its easy settings. Like in the past, I'll need to "start slow" and work my way back up. Back up to its previous Speed Walking with Arm Resistant settings (and its higher fitness level). Talk about another "lesson learned"....

As a reminder to others, do perform some of your previous exercise routines as well. Whether it be stationary bike, non-impact Glider, TM or some other exercise. Do remember to perform a mix of current and previous exercises 'every week". Thus, ensuring your body also remains "comfortable with that specific exercise task".

Hope this friendly reminder helps others....

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