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Does this diet works?
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 2:37 pm    Post subject: Neris and India's idiot-proof diet Reply with quote

Ok i have to admit i just bought this because of the title, anyone tried this diet book? i have read the beginning and these women are so funny! this is the first diet book that i enjoy reading, but does the diet works?? anyone tried it? reviews please!

this is what's on the website:

This is a book written from the heart. We both know exactly what itís like to be fat. Not Ďooh, tragedy, Iíve put on two poundsí fat, but really fat. Fat-fat. Five stone overweight, size 22, crying on the inside fat. So we went on a diet and lost 10 stone between us. And you can do it too.
The truth of the matter is that loads of diets work. Thatís not the problem: the problem is sticking to them. Itís all very well knowing youíll lose weight if you drink meal replacements three times a day, or juice like crazy and snack on sprouted seeds, but how are you supposed to live a normal life at the same time? You canít - or at least, we canít. We needed something that would fit into our busy family lives, work lives, social lives - and something that, crucially, wouldnít make us feel hungry all the time. Or deprived. So we fiddled around with existing diets, tweaked, cherry-picked, added some nice things and took away some gruesome ones, and we came up with our own diet plan. It absolutely 100% works - and itís absolutely bearable.

Losing weight is a lonely business. Sometimes itís just you and your fat demons, stuck in an ongoing kind of fatness nightmare. We had each other to bore to death and to encourage and support. This blog can fulfill that function and, hopefully, also make you feel part of something good. There are thousands of us on the forum. Come and see us. You have nothing to lose but the feeling youíve turned into a Weeble. We lost 5 stone each, have kept the weight off nearly two years on from when we started, and feel really great. And like we keep saying, if we did it, then so can anyone.
Good luck, and see you on the forum.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 5:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have never heard of it but this is some reviews I pulled up about the book.

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