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- Diet Pill Reviews
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- Weight Loss for Teen
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- Anti-aging
Diet Solutions: Lose 100 pounds Diet

Never Be Fat Again: The Science Behind Slimming
by JohnMc

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   (135 votes)

MIT-trained chemist Raymond Francis got tired of dead-ends with doctors and took his health – and weight – issues into his own hands.

His first book was Never Be Sick Again. He's back with his mind-boggling new effort: Never Be Fat Again (HCI).

Francis has found the answer to the obesity plague that has left 2-in-3 Americans overweight! Using basic science of how your body works, he’s come up with a 6-week plan he says will permanently break the fat cycle.

"What makes Never Be Fat Again fundamentally different is that, unlike most weight-loss books, it actually promotes permanent weight loss," Francis says.

"It is an established fact that weight-loss diets don’t work. This is because most weight-loss books are scientifically and nutritionally unsound, and many are so unsound, they are dangerous. This book provides a revolutionary understanding of overweight. Never Be Fat Again identifies overweight as a serious chronic disease — a disease caused by massive cellular malfunction—resulting from nutrient deficiency and exposure to environmental toxins.

"The book proposes the NBFA Lifestyle to address these causes. By addressing the true causes of overweight disease, permanent weight loss can be achieved... without counting calories or feeling hungry or deprived. Best of all, overall health dramatically improves while the pounds are being lost."

Francis says the biggest problem with most approaches to weight loss is that most approaches focus on cutting calories.

"We know that this doesn’t work over 90 percent of the time," he says. "When you cut back on food, you increase food cravings. Even if you lose weight in the short term, it comes right back, and yo-yo dieting is dangerous and permanently harmful.

"Never Be Fat Again focuses on eating foods that supply cells with the nutrients they need, while avoiding toxins that we know will pack on pounds. In this way, hunger disappears and pounds melt away naturally and effortlessly.

"Further, most approaches fail to address the mental, physical, genetic and medical dimensions of overweight."

Francis says it is not how much you eat that matters, but what you eat.

"No one needs to feel hungry," he says. "You can eat as much as you like so long as the food is nutrient-rich and free of toxins. To achieve permanent weight loss, we must supply our cells with all the nutrition they need while avoiding toxins that interfere with our appetite and weight-control mechanisms."

Francis says identifying toxicity as a major cause of overweight is a breakthrough in weight loss.

"To permanently reverse overweight, or any other so-called disease, it is necessary to address deficiency and toxicity and restore cells to normal function," Francis says.

"By eating a diet that does not supply cells with all the nutrients they need, our appetite and fat storage controls are turned on. When the body knows it lacks nutrients; it turns on the appetite and tells us to eat. The problem is we typically eat more high-calorie, nutritionally-deficient foods, which add to our calories and pounds but keep the appetite turned on because we still lack nutrients. Likewise, the body senses the lack of nutrients as starvation, and it instructs the cells to store fat in order to protect us from the famine."

So how does toxicity cause us to be overweight?

"Certain toxins, such as aspartame, glutamates, prescription drugs and pesticides, can turn our appetite controls “on” making us hungry all the time," Francis says.

"In addition, they turn our fat-storage controls on. When these toxins are acting, even if you cut calories, you will still pack on pounds because you will be storing fat regardless of what else you do. Tragically, most diet books allow, and even encourage, consumption of foods that we know contain these toxins."

Francis says sugar is a deadly poison that may be the largest single contributor to the epidemic of chronic and degenerative disease plaguing America.

"Sugar is a major contributor to overweight," he says. "It is one of the deadliest poisons we are exposed to on a daily basis, causing both deficiency and toxicity. It causes nutritional deficiency because it is just empty calories, delivering no nutrients, while it consumes precious nutrients as the body tries to metabolize it.

"The toxicity comes because it sets off a cascade of chemical reactions in the body, producing chemicals that have a toxic effect on us. Every time you eat sugar, the effect on your body is like a 50-car pileup on the freeway — toxic spills, wreckage, injuries, chaos. Permanent injury is done from which you will never recover. Sugar wreaks havoc on your DNA, immune system, hormone system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and cellular health—it ages you."

So what can the average person do right now to lose weight?

"Very simply, cut out processed foods," Francis says. "Cut all the empty-calorie foods containing sugar, white flour and other processed grains. This includes breakfast cereals, breads, cookies, cakes, chips, sodas and most packages foods.

"Eat primarily a plant-based diet consisting of organic fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, sprouts, nuts and a small amount of animal protein for those who desire it. Start a consistent exercise program, and work on the psychology that affects their weight."

August 18, 2008


Genevieve Lost 421 lbs. Without Pills Or Surgery!
by JohnMc

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Genevieve C. lost 421 pounds. It gets better -- she did it without pills or surgery!

It's rare these days that you hear of such a tremendous personal achievement that comes without a little help from a slick surgeon or some scary device that clamps shut the stomach.

But Genevieve dropped her 421 pounds with good, old-fashioned willpower and the sensational Slim & Beautiful weight loss plan that has left her... well, slim and beautiful!

Oh, and don't forget happier, healthier and more energetic!

Would you like to say goodbye to your belly fat and hello to gorgeous-looking skin, hair and nails? Then you want to try the program that worked so well for Genevieve -- the clinically proven, doctor-designed wrinkle and body makeover created by renowned weight loss expert Dr. Aaron Tabor.

To enjoy the many benefits of Slim & Beautiful, you don't have to be a few hundred pounds overweight. Whether you have 20, 50 or 100 pounds to lose, the Slim & Beautiful approach will prove a perfect fit for you too!

“I've lost 421 pounds without surgery and gained my life back," Genevieve says. "On my birthday this year, my husband took me to a very fancy restaurant. He told me to buy a special dress for the occasion. I went and got a long halter gown. When I put it on, I almost cried. I said to myself, 'Oh my goodness! I am slender, look good, and free from all that fat.' I even had people in the restaurant ask me if I was a movie star. That was my liberating moment.

"I was hooked the first time I tasted Dr. Tabor’s products. I absolutely love them. I can’t say enough about how much Dr. Tabor has done for me. My hair is much softer and stronger. My skin is absolutely incredible because of Dr. Tabor.”

In this exclusive, slender-again Gen, reveals the highs, the lows and the steps that led her to Dr. Tabor and Slim & Beautiful.

"I was living in England and feeling miserable," she recalls. "I had tried everything to reverse my weight gain, but programs like Jenny Craig and NutriSystem left me feeling sick... and the food didn't taste very good!

"My break came when my mom, back in America, sent me some of Dr. Tabor's products. I started drinking the shakes twice a day and enjoying one healthy meal. I had hit a high of 570 pounds when I started exercising in an indoor pool to lessen the strain on my body. The weight started flying off me."

And that's a good thing because Genevieve's doctor was ready to step in and put her on the list for stomach stapling surgery.

"He told me, 'It's surgery if you don't lose weight in 6 weeks.' Thanks to the great shakes and my swimming, I lost 86 pounds before my next visit. My doctor was very pleased."

By following her Slim & Beautiful program, Genevieve lost 90 pounds in her first 12 weeks, and lost the rest of her 421 pounds gradually over the past few years.

Genevieve is such a bundle of energy it's hard to picture her during her darkest days.

"I was so overweight that I could barely walk through the grocery store -- I would have to stop and sit," she says. "I could not clean my house. If I cooked, I would have to sit on a stool because it hurt to stand. I could no longer go skiing and participate in family activities or trips. If I did not do something and stick with it, I was going to be dead.

"I had this horrible thought, 'When I die, they'll have to bury me in a piano crate!' I was definitely at rock bottom and knew that this could not go on any longer.

"I felt desperate and out of control. There were some days I woke up and thought it is just another day in 'fat Hell.' It was a huge source of depression for me. Some days I did not want to live. I kept eating because all of the stress. But I had a husband and daughter that I loved so that kept me going. I didn't want to have any kind of obesity surgery because of the risks, so I was really glad I found the Slim & Beautiful program."

Enough sadness... it's time for the good news

"I feel wonderful now," Genevieve says. "I am a whole new person. Since I have lost weight, I have been much more active with my friends and family. I FEEL GREAT. I have my life back and am healthier than ever.

"My favorite part of my success is that it worked and that I have been able to share what works for me with other people in the same situation...I am living proof your program works. Also, from a purely selfish point, I love being able to go to the store and buy any dress or outfit I want and look good.

"The biggest difference in my life is that I am able to participate fully in all family activities. I am able to do all the things I love like walking and biking. Losing the weight has also changed me and made me much more positive and upbeat."

Genevieve's favorite products: the chocolate shakes

"It is like drinking a chocolate milkshake and it is ohhhhhhhhhhh so good," she raves. "I absolutely love them! My other favorite product is the non-naughty nibbles snacks. They taste so good. They are a great alternative to eating chips, and they have protein in them. I love them too!"

Genevieve is impressed with more than her weight loss alone.

"My hair is much softer and stronger," she notes. "Before I started Dr. Tabor's products, my hair would always break with split ends. My nails always broke and were very weak. Now they are healthy, strong, and I can finally grow them out! My skin is absolutely incredible. I have always had a good complexion, but because I was not eating right my skin was pasty colored. Now I have rosy cheeks.

"I can't say enough about how much these products have done for me and my health! It's better than magic — it's clinically tested. I needed a miracle, and this program was that miracle."

The 6-foot-2 super slimmer blames emotional eating for her weight issues. Family issues that culminated in a divorce got the ball rolling and the weight piling up.

The turnaround began in February of 2003. Genevieve is now happily remarried and living in Connecticut. She never tires of sharing her success with other women.

"I was fat... but now I am happy!" she says.

And that just may be the most important part of Genevieve's metamorphosis.

May 8, 2008


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